Report on the Team Sprint in Darmstadt (Feb 2018)

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Sprint Board
From 19th to 21th of Feburay our team met in Darmstadt, to prepare the launch of As a combined sprint with the marketing team, we had a very productive time, with a lot achievements.

is now launched as a public preview and testing ground for the new website.

We completed 35 merge requests and closed 68 tickets. Some parts of our work:

  • Added robots.txt settings
  • Improved events page rendering
  • add advanced file metadata
  • added a feedback banner
  • added a lightbox option
  • added piwik
  • improved RTE styles
  • added action boxes
  • refactored all boxes

Stefan Busemann and Anja Leichsenring created the user stories for our features for the later year. It is planed to reintroduce a self service area for Association and Community members. You will be able to change your invoice address, see your invoices and change your communication settings.

Michael Loew created a design for the views, like “my profile page”, “edit your profile” and site elements it self.


Mathias Bolt Lesniak (our Content Management Systems Manager) continued his work  on the content.

Next steps

We are heading for the final launch of and Our next sprint will be in April (8th - 11th) in Essen, Unperfekthaus.

Join our team at the #t3o-relaunch-sprints channel in

Participants of the sprint: Thomas Löffler, Stefan Busemann, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Harry Glatz, Jan Michael Löw, Boris Schauer, Miro Olma, Fritz Knauf, Anja Leichsenring