Report of the QSA 3-2018

Categories: Association Created by Stefan Busemann
Report from the Board meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany, 21st–22nd June 2018. Our quarterly summit of the TYPO3 Association (QSA) took place during Developer Days. We met in the Headquarter of the TYPO3 GmbH and used this opportunity to get in touch with our community and of course - meet all employes of the TYPO3 GmbH.

This meeting was held as a working sprint. We set up smaller working groups, to create concrete results.

As usual we started with a short recap of our activities of the last month and compared the progress with our project plan. Then we split up in different working groups. 

Initiate an events committee

In the past we had an events committee, which organized official events of the TYPO3 Association. We think it is helpful to reintroduce that committee, but shift the focus of their work. They should be responsible to coordinate all official events and setup the general infrastructure (like a general ticketing system). Further they should coordinate and integrate the collaboration with the TYPO3 company. 

The committee ensures that each official event has a working organizingteam and an operations manual. At the moment many events are “reinvented” every year. 

Ric von Westhreenen is your contact person, if you would like to contribute, or if you have further questions.

Contribution appreciation

Peter Kraume kickstarted the idea to provide better Contribution appreciation. We want to make the work of so many people more visible, and look for ideas for the best ways to show our appreciation.

At the moment we are collecting ideas, discuss questions like:
peer to peer appreciation vs. institutionalized recognition
that people have different conceptions on the ways to get gratitude, e.g. they don’t want to appear on stage
that appreciation must be authentic

More communication toward both T3A members and general TYPO3 audience
THIS MONTH IN TYPO3 NEWS: a project has been set up by Peter Kraume for this periodical news intended to be published on the web site. Tools for gathering and selecting information for the news have been defined and on their way to be set up. We need to find people who want take over this task and run it regularly. We will probably have the launch of this new communication activity some months before the scheduled deadline

GDPR Working group

Our working group checked, the results of the introduction of our new processes and documented the new processes. Since May 2018 Karen Falkenberg is our data privacy officer and does take care of all data privacy requests. 

Membership management and integration

Stefan Busemann and Anja Leichsenring finished a concept to introduce a self service area for members and further integration. It will be possible to improve our member and certification listing by using a unified data source. 

The implementation of these integrations will start in autumn.

TYPO3 GmbH Supervisory Board Meeting 

The supervisory Board of the TYPO3 company used the chance and held its meeting in the headquarters. Together with the Board new proceedings were introduced, which clarify responsibilities. Alain Veuve stepped back from the Supervisory Board, as he is involved in operations. His successor is Ric van Westhreenen.


The project is making progress. Boris Hinzer presented a frontend design for desktop, tablet and phone. The integration of designs has started. At the moment tax questions are open.

TYPO3 less technical 

Petra Hasenau is looking for ways to promote TYPO3 less technically. We could try to view not only “TYPO3” as a product, but also its value, spirit, history: Where do we come from? What were the ideas in the past (we like to be the rebels)? The next steps are to gather more information and talk to people (inside and outside of the TYPO3 community)

Budget management

Since this budget period, we are fostering the usage of our reimbursement tool. This tool was introduced some years ago mainly for the CMS team. As it provides a lot of benefits for budget owners and users, we want improve this service. We defined user stories for further development and documented the whole process.

TYPO3 house

Last but not least, we discussed the TYPO3 house idea again. We could have a central place, to meet, work, sleep. The advantage could be that we would have always a location for sprints and all TYPO3 activities. But we would be bound to one location. So we collected further ideas, like having a plane (we need more members for this idea), a ship or for the beginning regular open sprints (where different teams can join freely, work on their agenda, but also use the chance to interact with other teams). The last idea will be tested in the next year. 

Outlook and project overview

Our next meeting will take place in October before the T3CON in Berlin. If you are interessed, to see all our projects or if you like to contribute, check out our projects page.