Release of TYPO3 4.4alpha2 - Development Snapshot #2

Categories: Development Created by Benjamin Mack
Today, the TYPO3 community released the second alpha version of TYPO3 4.4. This is another snapshot of the current v4 development, and is considered a sneak preview of what is coming in June 2010. This is also the last snapshot before the feature freeze in early April 2010. After that, it's all about straightening out the package.
We've included a bunch of small fixes, especially to our new ExtJS based Rich Text Editor htmlArea, big thanks to Stan Rolland. Also, a straightened out Extbase / Fluid combo is shipping with this alpha release. Enjoy and thanks to everyone who was helping writing patches!

You can grab the packages here:

MD5 checksums:

ef797bb6e55d9b0858e6c103bda7d2ca  dummy-4.4.0alpha2.tar.gz
0add41309e94d6d0f19e2b5eb2ad8cd3  typo3_src-4.4.0alpha2.tar.gz

<link http: download packages>

What's next?
The TCEforms refactoring project is going in the next phase, and the head developer Andreas Wolf needs all your support in development and testing, especially JavaScript guys and Flexform gurus. Please <link>contact him if you can spare your time, enthusiasm and knowledge.

The TYPO3 Taskcenter is getting a major overhaul by Georg Ringer, and is now cleaner than ever. Currently the visual changes are checked up by the UI team, after that the changes will be in trunk in time for the feature freeze.

Another module, the Extension Manager rewriting part is getting into shape. Steffen Kamper and Marcus Krause are finetuning and also adding the last fixes, stay tuned on the core list for these features to get in.

The Skinning API is still in the review process, the templateable installer and the workspaces development are still discussed and the tasks are sorted out.

Don't forget that the Feature freeze will be in three weeks, so if you have any features, please get them in the core list, and review the features of others! Give and receive, so community will work :)

All further release dates "on the road" can be found on the wiki page of <link http: wiki typo3v4-core fourfour>
Benjamin Mack
Release Manager TYPO3 4.4