Recap: TYPO3 Developer Days 2017

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About 275 TYPO3 community members joined the 12th TYPO3 Developer Days in 2017. They came from all over Europe to the beautiful city Malmö in Sweden. Over twenty percent visited the Developer Days for the first time.

Their motivation to come to the DevDays is 

  • to learn and to share knowledge
  • to create and to refactor code and
  • to make new friends and to meet old ones


The speakers addressed a wide variety of subjects: from "classical" development over marketing to community topics. The main focus this year were topics about agile strategies and tools regarding devops, deployment and development processes. Community related topics gave insights into the (possible) collaboration between open source projects, diversity and the TYPO3 Association.


Each session block started with teaser talks about the upcoming sessions. This helped the participants to decide which talk will meet their skill level and expectations best. Between the sessions there was much time to discuss topics, to socialize or to work on the code.

Coding Night

Working on the code was also the motto of the first evening: The CODING NIGHT. The focus of this open end evening is to get things done and to onboard new contributors. One main topic this time was to work on the relaunch of the website. Work was done productively until 02:00 a.m. in the morning.

Party on!

The evening started with taking a group picture and a nice swedish dinner. And then the motto was only: "Socialize and party!" The highlight of the evening was the election of the "Best dressed developer": Daniel Diesenreither.

What's next?

Stay tuned for the announcement of the upcoming TYPO3 Developer Days in 2018, register yourself and enjoy the event next year.

What's last?

Without the sponsors such an event would not be possible, so we would like to thank especially the premium sponsors  and