Recap: TYPO3 Core Code Sprint in Padua, Italy

Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS Created by Susanne Moog
The first TYPO3 Core Code Sprint in Italy took place last week from 10th to 12th of May in Padua.

Padua is located in north-east Italy near Venice and is known for its rich history including hosting the University of Padua where Galileo Galilei was a lecturer and being the setting for a play from William Shakespeare (“The Taming of the Shrew”). 

Eight developers from all-over Italy were coming together to contribute to the TYPO3 Core. They were joined by two Germans - Mathias Schreiber, CEO of the TYPO3 GmbH and me, Susanne Moog as representative of the TYPO3 Core Team. 

Our main goals were to familiarize ourselves with the TYPO3 Core Contribution Workflows, to review pending patches and to strengthen the connections to and between the Italian TYPO3 Community.

Throughout the day we have been working diligently on getting the number of pending reviews down - in the evenings there was time for socializing and seeing a bit of the city. Thanks to our local guides we got a free tour seeing some of the highlights of Padua. 

Thank you to all participants - in no special order - Michele Martinello, Cristian Buja, Elena Bartolotti, Massimiliano Fani, Maurizio Morini, Alessandro Filira, Gianluca Piccolo, Mathias Schreiber - and to Roberto Torresani and Riccardo de Contardi who visited us for a day. 
A big thank you goes to Pallino & Co. for hosting the code sprint and to Gianluca for organizing it and providing us with everything we needed and much more.