Recap of the Joint FOSS CMS Community Meeting

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Cinema projection screen showing the title silide from the joint FOSS CMS community meeting.
Some watched the online meeting alone, others together on a big screen. Here's a rendition of how it may have looked in a larger room. Collage background photo: Bence Szemerey / Pexels
Representatives from Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, Wordpress, and OpenForum Europe held a joint community meeting to talk about the European Union’s proposed CRA legislation, and why cooperation between our projects is important. Contribute your thoughts by answering eight questions!

The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)

The CRA is a proposed law intended to strengthen cyber security in the EU, but in its current form, it is incompatible with the way open source communities build software. This could prevent free and open source (FOSS) projects from practicing within the EU.

The organizations backing content management platforms Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and WordPress wrote an open letter to emphasize the significance of FOSS to the EU’s economy, aims, and values.

Joint FOSS CMS Community Meeting

On 2 August 2023, the organizations behind the Open Letter held a cross-community webinar to discuss the letter and FOSS CMS collaboration. The meeting was hosted by:

Ciarán O'Riordan, senior policy advisor at OpenForum Europe, was invited to give an overview of the proposed legislation and the challenges it is posing to open source.

The online meeting was open to all community members. It was well-attended, with more than 200 logged-in participants. Some of the logins represented community members watching the events together.

During the hour-long meeting, the representatives presented their CMS projects and the audience learned about the Cyber Resilience Act’s potential impact on open source CMSs. The event rounded off with a question-and-answer session and a promise to answer more questions in writing later.

This was the first combined community meeting, and it will continue beyond the CRA. The group will work together to address future legislation and issues that may arise affecting all projects. Collaboration — and including other open source communities — makes us stronger together.

The TYPO3 Association Has Questions for You! 

Contribute your thoughts on how to improve the European Union’s Cyber Resilience Act. 

The open letter was well received by the legislation’s authors and a fruitful conversation was started. We have been asked for constructive feedback, and the TYPO3 Association has formulated eight questions to our community. Head over to to have your say before the end of August 2023: Cyber Resilience Act and why the TYPO3 Association Needs Your Help

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