Putting the Vision, Mission, and Purpose for the TYPO3 Project Into Words

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TYPO3 has always had a great community with strong values. The community knows where it wants to go, but the direction has never been properly formalized and put into words as our project’s vision, mission, and purpose—until now.

For us in the Association Board, the TYPO3 Company, and the Core Team, having a clear vision, mission, and purpose for the project means we can have clear visions, missions, and purposes for our fields of responsibility as well. Those will form the basis for strategic decisions. 

(For the purpose of not repeating those words too many times, I’ll call vision, mission, and purpose VMP for the rest of this article.)

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Four Statements Based on One

During 2022, we initiated a process to address the issue and formulate VMP statements for all the areas where we are active. For now, the first step—a Project VMP—has been completed, but three more will follow in 2023. Here are the planned VMPs:

  • Project: The foundation VMP, encompassing the entire TYPO3 project. This has just been finished.
    • Product: The CMS product has its own VMP. It is based on the Project VMP.
    • Association: The TYPO3 Association also bases its VMP on that of the Project.
      • Company: Since it is a subsidiary of the Association, the TYPO3 Company’s VMP is based on the Association’s VMP.

Since the VMPs will all be based on one foundation, we ensure that the different areas grow within the overall scope of the project. For example, the product should not have a wider vision than the project, and the company’s vision should be a subset of the association’s, etc.

The Words That Shape Our Decisions

These VMPs are an expression of our identity and where we see TYPO3 going. On a very high and abstract level, you can view them as definitions of who we are, why we are here, and where we want to go. They are philosophical foundations that shape our decisions.

We hope you like them and that they resonate with your own feelings about TYPO3. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with or asking questions about our VMPs. On the contrary, you’re very welcome to!

Publishing the VMPs is our way to show you our thoughts, and we hope it will make it easier for you to tell us yours. Talking about such things is what shapes TYPO3’s distant future today. 

Contributors to the Project VMP

These people have taken part in shaping the Project VMP, and the result would not have been possible without the active contribution from each and every one of them.

  • Alain Veuve (TYPO3 Company and TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Benni Mack (Core Team)
  • Boris Hinzer (TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Frank Nägler (TYPO3 Company)
  • Janus Boye (external consultant, Boye & Co.)
  • Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire (external contributor, Open Strategy Partners)
  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak (TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Mathias Schreiber (TYPO3 Company, until end of November, 2022)
  • Olivier Dobberkau (TYPO3 Association Board and TYPO3 Company Supervisory Board)
  • Patricia Moock (external consultant, 4L Impact Strategies)
  • Patrick Gaumond (TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Peter Kraume (TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Petra Hasenau (TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Rachel Foucard (TYPO3 Association Board)
  • Ric van Westhreenen (TYPO3 Company Supervisory Board)
  • Stefan Busemann (TYPO3 Association Board and TYPO3 Company Supervisory Board)
  • Susanne Moog (TYPO3 Company)

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