punkt.de is TYPO3 Platinum Member

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Karlsruhe-based punkt.de increases its commitment to TYPO3 and happily joins as the sixteenth TYPO3 Platinum Member. Starting in February 2017, punkt.de changed its status from TYPO3 Association Gold Member to TYPO3 Association Platinum Member.

Involved from the start

"After years of cooperation as a TYPO3 Gold Member, we have now decided to become a Platinum Partner, in order to give back even more to TYPO3. We owe our growth to TYPO3 and would now like to contribute to making the system even better and to further strengthen the successful development of the past two years," says Jürgen Egeling, CEO of punkt.de. "TYPO3 has been providing us with the opportunity to grow with our customers since 2003. We began our work as a web and hosting agency with small websites like fertiggaragen.de. Now, we are running diverse TYPO3 solutions from corporate websites like leaseplan.de and intranet portals like rehaVital to very complex solutions like the partner portal of the Deutsche Post. For us as a service provider, a deciding factor was always the reliability and the updatability of the system. This is why we would like to contribute to the development of TYPO3, in order to further establish it within the market in the long term. 

Expertise: from website to individual applications

punkt.de has 20 years of experience in the market and knows the customers' requirements. The teams develop various solutions for their customers with a passion for all things digital, technical know-how and a very transparent mode of operation – whether it be a corporate website, web portal, shop, intranet or an entirely individual application. 
In order to carry out innovative projects in an agile manner, the agency has been counting on open source software and agile software development for many years. A close and fair cooperation with the customers and the development of sustainable, long-lasting projects are key features for punkt.de. This pays off: About 70 percent of the customers have been placing their trust in punkt.de for over four years; among them the Deutsche Post and the listed analysis specialist Bruker. 

A loyal partner of the community

The agency punkt.de is well-known within the TYPO3 community. punkt.de is present at events, takes part in code sprints and is involved in the TYPO3 marketing team. Additionally, the CEO Jürgen Egeling was chairman of the TYPO3 Association for three years. Back then, Kasper Skårhøj, founder of TYPO3, still conducted the introduction to TYPO3 himself. Ever since, the team has been very involved in the community and, among other things, organized the very first TYPO3 conference in Karlsruhe in 2005, then called the TYCON3. Last but not least, the countless other events that punkt.de sponsored over the years. 

About punkt.de

With more than 30 employees punkt.de is creating a large range of digital solutions and is providing integrated support that spans from requirements analysis, to development and up to consulting: no matter if it concerns features, technologies, technical SEO questions or hosting. punkt.de's solutions are based on TYPO3, Neos and other modern frameworks and programming languages. Among these, punkt.de specializes in optimizing business workflows, modeling business processes and implementing complex user rights restrictions. The latest success is the honor of receiving the TYPO3 Award 2016 for the best "Small Website" project with the donation web shop of nph deutschland e.V. (<link www.hilfefuerwaisenkinder.de shop>www.hilfefuerwaisenkinder.de/shop/).  
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