Presentation: Candidates for the Board and Business Control Committee Elections, 2023

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Who will you vote for? Photo: Misc. Private and Derick McKinney / Unsplash
The nomination phase for the upcoming elections to the TYPO3 Association Board and Business Control Committee (BCC) has ended and we're happy to present the candidates.

Thank you to everyone who has agreed to run for office!

For the Board

We have 7 candidates for 4 open positions:

For the Business Control Committee (BCC)

We have 2 candidates for 2 open positions:

Each candidate is presented with a short profile. At the bottom of each page you can find a discussion section where you can ask questions to the candidates.

Please feel free to get in touch with the candidates!

The voting tokens will be sent out to all members of the TYPO3 Association on 28 March 2023. 

Please make sure to check your profile for valid email addresses! You can specify a dedicated email address for voting tokens if necessary. Otherwise your primary email address will be used!

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