Platinum Member Status for WMDB Systems.

Being founded in 2002 by Mathias Schreiber, Peter Kühn and Diana Beer, WMDB Systems was one of the first TYPO3 agencies on the market, with Mathias and Peter being two of the first few active contributors to TYPO3 CMS, both code and community-wise.
 Did you know? The very first "<link https: about kaspers-korner _blank>TYPO3 Developer Meeting" was done in Mathias father's backyard. 

Since 2002 we stick to our core values:
  • We are an Open Source Software company
  • We deliver quality service and work to our customers
  • We maintain sustainable client relationships (some lasting over a decade now)
  • We are one team; we decide as a team, there are no management-only decisions.
Over the last decade we grew from a small team of 5 in 2002, to nowadays 20 people working for WMDB at our office in Düsseldorf. We also count on numerous partners and freelancers helping us on a regular basis to compensate peak workloads. In 2006 we started to qualify apprentices, with Andy Grunwald being our first apprentice. Andy is still contributing to the project today, besides his day job at his employer. Andi is known for his role as one of the Team Leads of PHP_CodeSniffer, Quality Assurance Team, and In 2010 WMDB Systems was joined by Rupert German as new partner of the company. Rupert is known to the TYPO3 Community for being the maintainer of tt_news and being a member of the first security team. Over the last 13 years TYPO3 has been and still is the main focus of our work in WMDB's day to day business. In late 2014 however, we decided to dedicate a lot more of our resources to the TYPO3 project by releasing Mattes from his duties as acting CEO of WMDB. In this way Mathias could be available full time for the TYPO3 Community as product owner for TYPO3 CMS, still fully financed by WMDB Systems. <link https: swiftlizard _blank>Chris Zepernick, who joined WMDB as a managing partner in Q3/2014, took over Mathias duties at WMDB in January 2015. Chris has been freelance consultant for 14 years, mostly working with TYPO3 for his various clients, being member of TYPO3 Community since he implemented his first projects based on TYPO3 in late 2003. In March 2015 he became a member of the Expert Advisory Board (EAB), dedicating some more of his time to the project. Besides our managing team dedicating a lot of time to TYPO3, our team is also doing a lot when it comes to TYPO3, with Andreas Fernandez, another active contributor, who joined us in august 2015, as well as a lot of other team members joining code sprints whenever possible, or contributing patches and features to the TYPO3 core.

Why are we doing this?

Simple: if it wasn't for TYPO3, most likely WMDB Systems would not exist today. We believe in TYPO3, we have been dedicated to the project from its very start and we are a proud member of this community, which is like family to the most of us.

About WMDB Systems GmbH

WMDB Systems is specialized in browser based, mobile optimized, custom built software solutions, ranging from simple company websites to huge applications for eBusiness information management and eCommerce. Our services range from consulting (agile management, requirements engineering, UX, IT operations), over security audits and infrastructure management, to design and development of browser based and native mobile applications.

WMDB Systems offers solutions based on TYPO3 CMS as well as other modern frameworks and programming languages.