Platinum Member Status for b:dreizehn.

Under the leadership of Benjamin Mack, the TYPO3 experts from Stuttgart have been highly involved in the development of TYPO3 in the last years. The team of b:dreizehn works on dedicated TYPO3 projects for special use cases, and develops miscellaneous public extensions, while also investing a huge part of their time in the conceptual enhancements of TYPO3 CMS.

Benjamin Mack, one of the three managing partners of b:dreizehn, is core developer and team leader of the TYPO3 CMS team within the TYPO3 Association. With the aim of recognizing the efforts made and the time invested for contributing to TYPO3 Core development, the TYPO3 Association has approved the status of Platinum Members for b:dreizehn for one year.   The team of the b:dreizehn GmbH uses their expertise of TYPO3 for projects of other agencies as well as for big and medium-sized companies in Europe and abroad.