October (2015) diary of the TYPO3 Association

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TYPO3 Conference, Internet Festival, Budget Process, Goodbye from Naike.
TYPO3 CONFERENCE 2015 - T3CON15 The 11th European TYPO3 Conference has taken place in Amsterdam on October 21 and 22. The conference has presented a mix of topics in sessions and workshops and has welcomed developers, decision makers, and marketing managers from a variety of countries. The TYPO3 Conference has also hosted the first <link https: award.typo3.org _blank>TYPO3 Award, an event that has attracted the interest of journalists and of end customers. The award was granted to TYPO3 projects in 10 different categories. See who the winners are and how their projects looked like: <link https: award.typo3.org _blank>award.typo3.org. For more information about T3CON, please visit <link http: t3con.eu _blank>t3con.eu, keynote sessions and other videos can be found on TYPO3's <link https: www.youtube.com user typo3 videos _blank>Youtube channel. The TYPO3 Association thanks the organizers, the helping hands, the sponsors, the video team, and everyone that has somehow collaborated to the great work done to shape this event. Photo by Flo Huber Fotografie INTERNET FESTIVAL 2015 TYPO3 has been present at the Internet Festival 2015, held in Pisa (Italy) from October 8 until October 11. A full day has been dedicated to TYPO3 (Title: "TYPO3, what a great Open Source Enterprise CMS"), thanks to the great dedication of members of the TYPO3 Italian community and of the T3Camp Italia Team. During this day, key features of TYPO3 CMS have been introduced or explained to the event's participants. They could also learn about the TYPO3 Community and its unique characteristics, build a new website with the support of expert TYPO3 integrators, and visit the TYPO3 booth for more information. The TYPO3 Association wants to thank the dedicated TYPO3 Italian community members for their work and for spreading the word about our CMS. BUDGET PROCESS 2016 The forum for discussion of the budget applications has been published by the EAB on forge: <link https: forge.typo3.org projects t3a-eab-budget2016 boards _blank>forge.typo3.org/projects/t3a-eab-budget2016/boards. Join the conversation and help the EAB to allocate the 2016 budget in the best way. The members poll for voting on the budget allocation will be launched in the upcoming day. GOODBYE FROM NAIKE  After almost two great years within the TYPO3 Community I have decided to undertake a new professional challenge. I will be leaving the TYPO3 Association as per November 24. The Board has supported this decision and showed great understanding. The T3A will not recruit for the Executive Secretary position, as it needs to evaluate the options presented by the TYPO3 Inc project (or so called scenario 3). I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the great time together, for your support, and for being such an incredible community. --- Become a member now! If you are not a TYPO3 Association member yet and would like to become one, please get in touch with Naike (naike.schulthess(at)typo3.org) or visit our online <link https: typo3-association.myshopify.com collections memberships _blank>shop to purchase your membership now. If you wish to upgrade your affiliation level instead, be in contact with the back office, they are always happy to help you. Follow <link https: twitter.com typo3assoc _blank>@TYPO3Assoc on Twitter.