November & December (2015) diary of the TYPO3 Association

Quarterly Meeting, CEO, Budget Process.
First of all, we like to thank all of you for supporting the TYPO3 Association. With 2015 an exciting year is ending. We had some big and hard decisions to take. The split of our community was a sad step, but it released new motivation to our community. Our highlights for 2015 are the decision of our members to start a journey into the future of TYPO3. We can report, that we are on our way and we are sure to present results at the next General Assembly. 

What happened in the last two months?

29th of October - 1st of November 2015: The CMS Garden Unconference in Essen was a great chance to exchange ideas with other Open Source CMS communities. Stefan Busemann visited the event and stated: “it was an inspiring meeting, with nice people and interesting topics. My personal highlight was a talk about the work of the Joomla security team, which gave me good ideas for our team..”
From the 6th to 8th of November: Serverteam Sprint: A big combined team sprint took place in Karlsruhe. The Server and team met at (many thanks for hosting) to work at a long list of tasks (see News). For our members the Association member listing or mail lists were improved. Further the roadmap for and upcoming were planned during the sprint. 20th - 23th of November: Budget Poll: Our members were asked to state their opinion on next year's budget. We apologize for the very short voting period. Technically problems prevented an earlier start. You can find the results of the poll at 
24th - 25th November: QSA 4-2015: The Board and EAB met in Karlsruhe for a regular two day meeting. Our main topics were:
  • Handover and goodbye Naike - many thanks again go to Naike, for her great work in the past two years. Because of the upcoming changes in the TYPO3 Association, the Board decided, to not occupy this position again. 
  • CMO & CEO: The idea for the founding of a TYPO3 company is getting more concrete. Alain Veuve presented the current draft of the concept. 
  • Discussion about the future structure of the bodies: The possible founding of a TYPO3 company can have influence of the future structure of the TYPO3 Association. We discussed the possibility to decrease the number of positions in the bodies of TYPO3 Association.
  • Budget discussion: Finally the EAB created a draft for the next year's budget. We are happy, that there are many applications again, but still, we have not enough fundings, to accept every budget. The EAB will publish the new budget at the beginning of january.
26th of November: Regular Team Meeting: The leaders of various teams had its regular meeting. One focus was the coordination of the / relaunch project. 3rd of December: Release of TYPO3 7 LTS: The Core released its next long term support version TYPO3 CMS.  Many customers, members and people from other communities acknowledge the improvement of our product. We are confident, that we are still a big player in our market. We like to thank all contributors, that make this release possible.

Upcoming & Dates:

  • 20.-29.2.2016: <link http: _blank page of the t3board>T3Board Canada
  • 28.2. - 6.3.2016: <link http: _blank page of the t3board>T3Board Europe
  • 5.4.2015  Dialogue Day - Essen, Unperfekthaus
  • 6.4.2015  <link assembly>General Assembly 2016 - Essen, Unperfekthaus
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