New Version of TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS now available

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Long Term Support, Responsive Design, Image Editing
Baar, 2015-11-10 The new version of TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS is available effective immediately. It will be supported for three years as part of the Long Term Support from the TYPO3 CMS team. The completely redesigned, modernized interface has been equipped with uniform color and clear descriptions and been fully developed in Responsive Design. Furthermore, the functionality for image processing is now being integrated into TYPO3. The most striking new feature is the new backend interface that allows editors and integrators to work efficiently. A tidy login screen, simpler structures and the integration of previously distributed components in a web application enable consistent use. Customized images and buttons highlight actions and information boxes. All forms, tables, sections and messages are based on a uniform look and feel.

Up to four times faster

By streamlining all of the components and using the latest technologies, the backend is significantly faster compared to previous versions. Many actions are now based on AJAX and a more efficient AJAX API for communications replaces the previous standard dialogs for confirmations. The Content Management is now responsive and allows for contents to be edited on touch-based mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. All editors and administrators can now insert an avatar image to personalize their access. The dial-in screen, the TYPO3 logo and all styles can now be replaced by a project-specific layout.

New features for editors

Working with online media such as YouTube or Vimeo Videos is now much easier. Links can now be referenced under "Text and Media," a preview is then shown, and can be organized like any other content in the File List module. The functionality "Image Manipulation" allows for cropping of images in the backend without the file being changed. If a file upload will overwrite existing files, you can specify whether multiple files should be moved, renamed or be skipped by performing an action. In addition, minor improvements have been integrated such as the display of the remaining number of characters in a text box.

New features for integrators

With TYPO3 CMS 7, integrators receive a new standard way of providing content items that are processed based on the fluid templating engine. The new extension "Fluid-styled Content" can be used to change certain content elements on websites via Fluid/HTML templates very quickly. Many TypoScript options are now available in standardized form to simplify configuration. Even the generation of forms is significantly easier because it is based on Fluid and Extbase.

New features for administrators

Administrators can now load the TYPO3 sources and all of the required extensions via the standardized PHP Package Manager "Composer." A central information system shows important system features in the latest version at a glance. In addition, backend user groups can be managed just like individual users in a separate module.

New features for developers

Thanks to a completely new approach to the backend interface that is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3, LESS/CSS3, HTML5, RequireJS and jQuery, TYPO3 CMS 7 makes it easier to add individual modules with simultaneous use of all standard rendering definitions and adapted, ready-to-use components. All PHP and Extension developers will benefit from the easy extension of the TYPO3 core system, which is completely based on PHP 5.5+ and allows for PHP7 and MySQL Strict Mode to be used. TYPO3 can thus be integrated into other PHP applications by using the Composer. With 8,500 unit tests and 700 functional tests, the TYPO3 core has proven itself in numerous application scenarios.

Upgrade and support

TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS will be supported by Long Term support until April 2017 including maintenance and bug fixes, as well as security and important bug fixes until November 2018. The update works directly out of TYPO3 6.2 (LTS) so that any earlier version must be brought up to this version level first. TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS is available at <link http: download _blank> For more information on TYPO3, please visit <link http: _blank>