New Rules for TYPO3 Certification Validity

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TYPO3 Integrator Certificates have a new validity time period due to the versioning change within the TYPO3 project.
When we started with the TYPO3 certification program, we decided to correlate certificates with the major version number of the most relevant TYPO3 release. This was supposed to be the perfect mix between feasibility and reliability. Because the core development team had always communicated the roadmap for each upcoming version in advance, TYPO3 integrators could rely on the roadmap and plan accordingly. This system was, for the most part, self-explanatory and straightforward.

Certificates no longer tied to TYPO3 version number

As many of you know, there has been, of late, some uncertainty around TYPO3’s version-numbering scheme. Phoenix, which had initially been presented to the community as TYPO3 V5, will now be given a new product name. To make the best of this situation and to avoid confusion stemming from expectations around TYPO3 V5, the next major release of TYPO3 will be referred to as Version 6, which is due out in October, 2012. In response to these changes in TYPO3’s approach to major version numbers, coupling version numbers with the exam is no longer an ideal approach. Moving forward, we will have to uncouple the certification from the major version.

Certificates valid for 36 months

After long discussions we’ve finally found the best and most practical solution. Beginning September 1st, 2012 the TYPO3 certificate for the Certified TYPO3 Integrator will expire after 36 months. This takes into consideration the fact that TYPO3 and the web in general change very quickly. Only a continuous adaption and recertification process will ensure the optimal quality of Certified TYPO3 Integrators. The 36-month period ensures adequate security of investment for the Integrator and at the same time provides security for everyone who relies on the up-to-date nature of the certificate. With a time limit of three years the version restriction no longer applies, thus the certification does not have to be dependent upon version numbers. Previously issued certificates will continue to be valid, as before, for all versions of TYPO3 in the 4.x branch without an expiration date.

Request a new certificate

Current Certified TYPO3 Integrators may also optionally choose to have a new, non-version-based certificate issued with a 36-month validity period. If you passed the exam within the last three years, please contact us (<link a new certificate by> so that we can issue you a new certificate. To cover administrative costs we will charge 25 EUR per new certificate. We are sure we have found a reliable and optimal regulation for old and new Integrators and are looking forward to certifying many more people. For information about the certification program and current exam dates visit <link http:>