New GDPR-Compliant TYPO3 Association Member-API

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Screenshot of the Search for Member page showing a green box with the text "Found member" and "Bronze member"
The GDPR-compliant member API shows you just enough information to know if you can apply a special price or verify a contract's membership requirement.
Have you ever wanted to quickly verify that you are doing business with a real TYPO3 member? Now you can.

Given an email address, the API at will answer “found member” or “no member found”. If the answer is “found member”, you'll also see the membership type.

On the Check Member page, you can input an email address and the new Member-API will search the member database. For valid members, the page displays the membership type held by that email address.

The page is fully GDPR-Compliant. No names, addresses or any other personal information is displayed.

The on-screen text is “Found member with given email [address]. This member is [membership-level].”

When the email address has no associated member in the database, the on-screen text is “No member found with given email [address].”

That's just enough information for you to know if you can apply that TYPO3 Association member-only price or verify that the agency you’re signing a contract with fulfills your membership requirement.

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