New active member Mathias Schreiber

Categories: Association Created by Dominic Brander
The TYPO3 Association is glad to have a new active member on board. Mathias Schreiber as a newly-elected active member will not only complete the dozen of active members but he will also add a more complete view of community related topics to the T3A.
Mathias Schreiber has been involved with the TYPO3 project since version 3.2b1 and has been a frequent voice on the mailing lists. Consequently Mathias has three ears on the community and supports the TUG-NRW meetings. He is also active in organising the up-coming DevCon and german marketing meetings.
Mathias lives in Düsseldorf, Germany where he is CEO of wmdb Systems. With more than 10 years of experience in association and community work as well as planning of events he will add a new view of community related topics to the T3A. He is also always seen at the TYPO3 snowboard tour where he helps the beginners to learn snowboarding.