netzrezepte becoming the first TYPO3 Platinum Member in India

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Kolkata (India), 20th February 2013: The TYPO3-Services Provider netzrezepte Technologies India is now supporting the TYPO3 Association as a Platinum Member. netzrezepte is the ninth company worldwide holding this highest level of Membership and the first one outside of Europe.
"This really means a lot to us", says Andi Pühringer, Managing Director of netzrezepte India. "In the last 7 years we have supported TYPO3 only very indirectly. Our contribution was usually an off-shoot of the confidential subcontract assignments we were handling. We love doing background work for reputed European Agencies. This is what we do and what we will keep on doing with dedication and focus. But it does feel good, that with this Platinum Membership we now can support TYPO3 in a more open and visible manner".

A new TYPO3 Platinum Member in the heart of Asia can be regarded as yet another sign of the rapid growth that the TYPO3-Project has been experiencing worldwide. More and more developers in India are now focusing entirely on TYPO3. This seems to be a clear reflection of the recent increase in the international demand for Enterprise Open Source Solutions.

"A lot has happened since our company was set up here" says Siddhartha Mandal, Senior Technical Consultant at netzrezepte. "We are now working on some of the globally most reputed and challenging projects within our technical niche right here from Kolkata. We believe our passion for technology along with an uncompromising focus on quality has enabled us to build one of the highest skilled TYPO3-Teams in the world. We really enjoy the opportunities and technical challenges to which we have gained access."

The pioneering spirit of the Open Source Community is what makes technologies like TYPO3 spread. At netzrezepte, it is obvious how deeply the desire to enter new territory is being shared and lived out within the Organization. With offices in Germany and India, netzrezepte was among the first companies to work with TYPO3 more than ten years ago. Within a short time after entering this domain netzrezepte already obtained one of the first BIK 95+ certifications for a TYPO3 government portal. It might therefore not be a surprise how netzrezepte ended up being among the first to help building this foundation for Enterprise TYPO3 in Asia.

However, even today netzrezepte does not work with direct clients and consumers. Netzrezepte offers know-how confidentially to some of the major players among the European Web-, Media- and TYPO3-Agencies. With 10 years of experience in the field, netzrezepte’s technical background work today supports some of Europe's most popular brands.