Neos and Flow: An update for the team structure

Categories: Community
Building upon the ideas of the TYPO3 CMS team for an improved team structure, the TYPO3 Neos / TYPO3 Flow team also worked on a more effective and scalable structure for their own team.
We, the team working on Neos and Flow, would like to be able to grow. We want to make it easy for new contributors to join us in building the coolest CMS built on our top notch PHP framework. We also want to make sure everyone is recognized for their contributions. It should be natural to recognize both active and inactive contributors while we keep the team at a manageable size. Finally, projects like TYPO3 Neos have plenty of things that need to be organized. Since they've got to be done, we want to give a group of people responsibility for these organizational tasks. To make all of this possible, we have set several groups and roles. With all these requirements in mind, the whole team agreed on an updated structure during the Neos sprint in Karlsruhe this week. You can read all about the updated structure as well as how to become a contributor on a new page we just published on <link http: contribute team>