More time for 6.2 LTS to mature

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The release of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS will be postponed by one and a half month. Read more about it in this article.
Last week the TYPO3 CMS team gathered in a Code Sprint Essen to work on several important areas that needed to be finished before we could declare a "Feature Freeze" in our development of TYPO3 6.2. As already pre-announced in <link http: news>this blog entry the decision about postponing or not the release would be settled during these days. So the important announcement straight away: The release of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS will be postponed, which means the feature freeze date is also postponed. The new planned dates (and we are not wanting to postpone that even further) are:
  • Feature Freeze (beta1): October 15th, 2013
  • Release 6.2.0: December 10th, 2013
The decision didn't came lightly but we had seen it coming for some time already. The main reason is that we are aware that 6.2 LTS will be the most important version after 4.5 LTS, released three years ago. The Core Team doesn't want to rush a release just for the sake of it, while there are still some very important loose ends open that deserve to be tackled, and require some more time and resources. Of course we could always argue that the product is "never ready" but we <link http: news article typo3-cms-62-lts-kick-off>set up some goals for this release which we would like to have a chance to be included. If we would to allow many exceptions after feature freeze we would be undermining the bugfixing and cleanup phase which is as important. We had some lack or resources during the last months due to holiday and several other causes. We are confident that now having more than one month of development power after the holiday season will allow us to get important things finished.


The Install Tool refactoring and improvements have been amazing and we already have several very nice new features in place like testing if broken extensions are installed (i.e. if they throw Fatal errors) and deinstalling them, thanks to the work of Christian Kuhn, Susanne Moog and Nicole Cordes. During the Code Sprint Susanne managed to create the first version of the "Distribution Management" in the Extension Manager, which will allow us to provide packages like Introduction or Government as TER extensions. Nicole finished the work on enabling "saltedpasswords" by default: There will be no more TYPO3 installation storing straight MD5 hashes for Backend Users. Even the Install Tool now uses saltedpasswords! More in the background but a huge improvement is the addition of a <link http: functional_testing>Functional Testing Framework. This addition will enable us to tackle important fixes in areas like workspaces or language handling in future. In the UI we have had minor adjustments and are currently working together with the UX team on <link http: projects usability wiki t3cse13>several UX issues.

Pending Issues / Priorities

These are the topics that we are trying to focus currently - more or less in order of priority:
  • File Abstraction Layer (FAL) API and TypoScript API
  • File Handling Usability
  • Install Tool, Distribution Support - we need to ship a working Introduction Package
  • Upgrade Wizard, Smooth Migration
  • Workspacing (Extbase, FAL, IRRE, ...)
  • Logging API - still <link http: projects typo3v4-logging issues>lots of issues left
  • Page Module Usability
  • Composer / Packages Support - a huge <link https: c>work in progress
  • Design foundations for backend modules
A current <link http: projects typo3cms-v62 wiki issues>list of pending issues for 6.2 can be followed in the projects forge wiki. The release team will try to keep this list up-to-date.

Next Code Sprint in October

To have a very focused final spurt we will also organize a feature freeze Code Sprint during the days before the Beta1 release. A <link http: bmw965yx5iedv7r3>Doodle Survey is currently in place for the TYPO3 Active Contributors to define the exact dates of this sprint. Every help is appreciated, so please consider joining our effort into making the next TYPO3 release the best release ever. If you don't know where you can help, just contact the Release Manager <link>Ernesto Baschny (baschny @ Skype) and we will find you some task to work on.