Mentors and ideas for Google Summer of Code 2014

Google has announced Google Summer of Code 2014. Of course the TYPO3 project is applying again this year, possibly making it the fifth time we participate.
Google has <link http: mentoring-organization-applications-now.html>announced Google Summer of Code 2014. It is the 10th anniversary, Google Summer of Code is a program designed to pair university students from around the world with mentors at open source projects in such varied fields as academic research, language translations, content management systems, games, and operating systems. Since 2005, over 7,500 students from more than 100 countries have completed the Google Summer of Code program with the support of over 440 mentoring organizations. The project enables student developers to contribute to OpenSource projects over a three month period. The TYPO3 project will apply again of course for this year, hoping this to be the fifth time we participate in the program. We already have quite a list of ideas, but we welcome more input from the TYPO3 community. We created <link http: gsoc2014 ideas>a wiki page and ask *you* to fill this with your ideas using the provided template. (you need a account to edit this page) We welcome ideas for our whole product family: TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Flow, TYPO3 Neos, Extbase, Fluid and TYPO3.Surf. Feel free to add new ideas to the wiki page, as well as adding suggestions to the already existing ones. For  more in depth discussions please use the <link http: index.php f _blank>typo3.gsoc maillinglist. You can also join us on IRC in channel #typo3-gsoc to ask about  Remember that possible students might not have any deep knowledge in TYPO3, yet. A TYPO3 GSoC project should be a do-able task for a student within the three month coding period. Keep the scope of your idea limited to what is achievable within that limited time-frame. We are looking for a diverse bunch of mentors and for that purpose we are actively approaching candidates. If you want to be a mentor you need have good connections in the community, communicate with your students on a regular basis and actively organize chats and meetings with them. Let us know if you want to mentor a student for TYPO3 GSoC.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask on twitter @typo3_gsoc, on the mailinglist or on IRC.