Meet TYPO3 at the Internet Festival in Pisa

Categories: Community, Association Created by Naike Schulthess
TYPO3 will be present at the Internet Festival in Pisa, between October 9 and October 12.
On October 9 2014 the 4th Internet Festival will start in Pisa; this is an annual event, which focuses this year on the keyword "raw matter". "Just as the industrial revolution was born out of coal and steel, the digital revolution is born out of mines bursting with an inexhaustible supply of binary numbers, which when put together, generate big data, the vital substratum for complex matter and active semi-processed products. The new economic paradigm of Internet Economies emerge out of this mine; citizens, researchers, public administrators, makers, start-ups, artists and visionaries play a leading role, extracting first matter to realise projects and products which impact our daily lives."  - <link http: _blank to if2014>   This lively event offers keynote speeches, conferences, and workshops on topics around the Internet, its uses, and its development. From Internet innovation, to co-operation and co-creation, to the Internet as driving force of sustainable business alternatives, one can find a wide range of interesting activities to take part to. TYPO3 will be present at the event with the aim of spreading the interest towards Open Source and to expand the TYPO3 voice within the Italian territory and internationally. TYPO3 will participate with a keynote speech from <link https: daskitsunet _blank christian>Christian Müller "Inspire, Share, TYPO3", aiming at introducing the three TYPO3 main products, as well as the community itself, and with an introduction on the TYPO3 Association and community from <link https: t3a_naike _blank to twitter naike schulthess>Naike Schulthess (Beggiato) "TYPO3: building bridges between ideas, people, and passion". Moreover, TYPO3 will be present with a booth during the whole festival duration. TYPO3 will be represented at the booth by the Italian Members of the TYPO3 Community. The event is part of our outreach program towards TYPO3 users in the world. Find out more about the event on its official <link http: _blank to>website and on the homepage of <link http: typo3-a-if-2014 typo3-at-internet-festival-2014.html _blank>T3Camp Italia, where you can confirm your participation the event. Come, join us, visit our booth and support TYPO3 in inspiring people to share!