Marketing Team Meeting October 15th

Categories: Marketing Created by Berit Hlubek
Yesterday the marketing team had a real life meeting in Wiesbaden. The major goal was to plan the different days of the upcoming marketing sprint which will take place between the 18th and 24th of November 2013.
The participants were: Alain Veuve, Berit Hlubek, Jochen Stange, Christian Händel, Patrick Lobacher, Ben van 't Ende, Boris Hinzer and Christopher Knapp The basic idea of the sprint evolved due to the different marketing materials we want to create since quite some time. Due to the lack of manpower only the generic flyers were created and even those are outdated due to the restructuring of the TYPO3 project. To have a chance to bring designers, copywriters and the marketing team together we created this sprint. But as a product strategy is still missing we expanded the sprint to a day dedicated to strategy. Last but not least we already thought about organizing a communication workshop with the goal to have at least one member of each TYPO3 team participating and we decided to also do this workshop in advance of the marketing sprint to use the same location. Unfortunately the pure marketing dedicated part of the sprint still lacks some participants: We are still searching for print designers, please feel free to email us if you are interested. The dates for this creation phase are november 21st - 24th but also participating for i.e. two days would be possible. These will be the tasks:
  • Participate in the conceptual process for the different flyers (Generic TYPO3 brand flyer, TYPO3 CMS flyer, TYPO3 Neos flyer, TYPO3 Flow flyer, TYPO3 Association flyer)
  • Create a design based on the flyer mockups
  • Create a design for several whitepapers based on already existing concepts
  • Create a design for generic TYPO3 presentation material
  • If we will have enough time: Think about cool designs for generic t-shirts
The marketing sprint starts with the 2-day communication workshop done by two experts from OSS Watch. We talked about different topics which should also be addressed during that workshop. As several invited TYPO3 community members rejected their invitation we still had some places left for the workshop and picked some more active community members which are communicating a lot or have a special position for example due extensions they wrote or the activity they show in the social networks or at events. Those will get an invitation during this week. The third sprint day will be dedicated to strategy. The general ideas would be to define target groups and customer segments as well as to define strategies for the three major products and for the brand itself. From the marketing team’s point of view the major goal is to create guidelines for the daily marketing work to keep an eye on a common goal as well as to find out which media and channels we are going to use. We defined the following goals for the strategy part of the sprint:
  • Clear positioning for each product (TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Neos, TYPO3 Flow)
  • Positioning for the project (TYPO3)
  • Markets
  • Target groups
  • Competitors
  • Influencers
  • Define a value proposition for each product
Based on that outcome we will create a toolset of marketing tools to be used for each product and market. Next to the planning of the different sprint days we also discussed general organizational topics surrounding the sprint. We will for example write an email two weeks in advance to inform all participants about everything important they need to know. We are looking forward to this first marketing sprint and hope that we get the chance to really get the stuff done. The flyers for example will be published on and everyone will be able to download the printable PDFs and use them for example in the own agency.