June (2016) diary of the TYPO3 Association

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Continuing the founding of the TYPO3 company.

2. June: TYPO3 Association supports Joomla

J and Beyond e.V. is the legal entity behind the scenes of the German Joomla! Community and hosts JoomlaDay Germany and the popular international Joomla! conference JandBeyond. J and Beyond e.V. is governed by German law. It was founded in 2004 for the world's first MamboDay and has been an officially recognized non-profit organization since these days. This status is now in danger. The TYPO3 Association supports their fight for the right to be treated as a non profit organization with $ 1.000 to cover all the court fees and legal expenses. We think it is important to stand side by side in questions which are belonging to all Open Source communities.

3. June: Another successful #TYPO3 CertiFUNcation 

More than 150 attendees participated at TYPO3 #CertiFUNcation Day 2016. The Phantasialand was the perfect spot for the combination of fun and education again. In the morning two sessions were held to update the knowledge of Certified Integrators. By participating these sessions, it is possible to prolong the personal certification by another 12 month. 
In the afternoon two exams took place. For the first time ever a Developer Certification was held and we are happy to announce the first 40 certified developers. The second exam was the classic TYPO3 integrator exam, where 41 attendees passed the exam. We congratulate all new certified developers and integrators. 
Learn more about <link>certification.
A short survey after #CertiFUNcation Day showed that more than 90% of all participants rated the event as great or awesome. Also more than 90% of all attendees would recommend #CertiFUNcation Day to colleagues and friends - so we hope to see you there next year.
We think this event was very successful and it is now established as a regular event. So we are looking forward, to have more fun in 2017.

9. June: TYPO3 GmbH Update

The founding process of the TYPO3 GmbH is on track. Currently all legal matters are clarified. Most positive: We already found nice people, wo who will work for the TYPO3 GmbH. And secondly - a real office is found too - and as you can see, we found appropriate furniture too. The office will be located in Düsseldorf.

23. June : Refining Trademark usages for Top Level Domain registration

Many organizations are using the TYPO3 trademark without following the TYPO3 Guidelines. 
However, the TYPO3 Association is the sole owner of the trademark. And as such we can limit the usage. However, we also see the positive power to use the trademark by our members and partners. To make sure that the usage is done in a proper way and with good intentions, we are investigating to possibility to introduce the possibility of sublicensing the trademark on a yearly basis. 
The reasons for that are:
  • we earn an income which we can add to our budget to really take care of the trademark misuse, that way we can even lower our yearly budget request
  • we prevent the frustration of going after the same domain name or misuse over-and-over again
  • it’s a more positive approach to tell people that they can keep the domain name, under specific rules and paying for the sublicense
The sublicense fee is a yearly fee, that needs to be paid in full upfront per domain and/or instance (like a website). There is no differentiation between size of the company or nonprofit versus profit. 
The fee will be 500,— euro per year. We are planning to introduce the rules in the next months.

30. June: Spam prevention for events and expiration for unused extensions keys 

Big kudos to Thomas Löffler who add two new functionalities to typo3.org. In the last month we had to fight versus some spam in comments and events registration. This is hopefully over now. We added a new mechanism to prevent spam entries. 
Developers can register extension keys for later usage at typo3.org. Currently more than 50.000 keys are registered, but only ~7.500 are used. In future extension author will receive an email, where they asked to extend the usage of their extension key, if they have not uploaded any version so far. We hope that this will release some unused keys.

Upcoming & Dates:

  • 11.07.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Berlin
  • 12.07.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Hamburg 
  • 18.08.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Bern
  • 23.08.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Copenhagen
  • 25.08.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Dusseldorf
  • 01.09.2016 - 04.09.2016 TYPO3 Developer Days 2016
  • 06.09.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Paris
  • 09.09.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Utrecht
  • 28.09.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Vienna
  • 04.10.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Bologna
  • 04.10.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Frankfurt on the Main
  • 26. / 27.10.2016 TYO3 Conference
  • 11.10.2016, Agency Meetup Day, Munich
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