Categories: Budget idea Created by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heym
International TYPO3 Boot Camp at Hof University. Access to TYPO3 / Education / Certification

What is your idea about?

Provide and organize a bootcamp platform at the University Campus for 300 international and national students during one week on on boarding new TYPO3 editor, integrators and possible developers. Experts of the TYPO3 community shall be invited to host courses in order to share TYPO3 expert knowledge and TYPO3 insights.

What is the potential impact of your idea?

Recruit 300 new international TYPO3 users (editors, integrators, developers). Another result of the bootcamp week will be a "proceedings paper" to be published (~200 pages) containing details about all lectures and sessions. Those proceedings are published in English - this aims to bridge the gap of currently missing international literature on TYPO3 .

Approximate Funds needed

€10,000 - €25,000

Recommendation of the Budget Committee: Generally we like the idea. There are some questions, that could be answered. What is the target group of this bootcamp? Only students and members of academic institutions or everbody? For the documentation, would be good joining forces and coordinated with the Documentation team and SkillDisplay.