Introduction Package Code Sprint Venlo

Categories: Development Created by Michael Cannon
Thursday August 9th, found the Internet pipes of Venlo Netherlands heating up as members of the TYPO3 Introduction Package team came together for a 4-day code sprint.
The big pushes for the sprint were completion of the TypoScript and TSConfig migration to files, replacing the pi-based tt_news with an extbase and fluid based news extension, and resolving about a dozen other quirks that had arisen over the past year.
Longest commuting team members Michael Cannon and Peichi Liu of Rosenheim Germany thought that hospitality was top notch. Shortest commute members, Susanne Moog and Christian Kuhn felt that a half-case of Coke Zero per day was about right. Young buck Philipp Gampe of Bonn, figures that Venlo's restaurants could use a few motherly cooking lessons. Finally, organizer and Hannover resident, Helmut Hummel concedes that a 3-hour train ride wasn't too bad for having a productive weekend.
Downloadable results from the Venlo Introduction Package Code Sprint will be available with the TYPO3 6.0 release at <link download> in October.
If you have any requests or issues to report for the TYPO3 Introduction Package, please submit them to <link http: projects extension-introduction issues>
The next TYPO3 code sprint will be to advance quality assurance and continuous integration processes from September 20th to 23rd in Linz Austria. If you've got an itch about something of TYPO3, please help scratch it by attending or supporting a code sprint.

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Change Log

  • [BUGFIX] Broken link to T3o
  • [BUGFIX] Error in AutomakeTemplate/setup.ts
  • [BUGFIX] Extract TSconfig of record folders
  • [BUGFIX] Remove exec bit from doc/manual.swx
  • [BUGFIX] W3C Validation Error on HTML5 meta tags
  • [BUG] Remove noBlur = 1 in TS for 6.0
  • [FEATURE] Extend .gitignore with Core folders
  • [FEATURE] Set [BE][explicitADmode] = explicitAllow
  • [FEATURE] Update realurl to 1.12.2
  • [TASK] Adapt LocalConfiguration.php to current master
  • [TASK] Make home page not a shortcut
  • [TASK] Move all TSConfig into files
  • [TASK] Remove need for database backed TypoScript templates
  • [TASK] Update be usergroup rights for explicitAllow
  • [TASK] Update sql import to the current state


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