Introducing academic memberships

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A special membership type for universities, research institutions and colleges has been introduced by the TYPO3 Association. “We would like to play our part in furthering the development of TYPO3,” says Daniel Fehrle, leader of the TYPO3 Academic Committee.
TYPO3 has long been the CMS of choice for academic institutions around the world. Only in Germany, some 460 public and private university websites are powered by the CMS.
Academic memberships are available at the <link>TYPO3 Association website.

Tailored to academic institutions

In addition to full voting rights in official association elections, academic members will also be able to vote in the <link>TYPO3 Association’s Academic Committee, and receive discounted tickets for the TYPO3 University Days.
Three membership types are available: Bronze (€250/year), Silver (€500/year), and Gold (€1000/year). The one-time admission fee is €250 for all types.
“Many universities have already announced they will register for a TYPO3 Academic Membership,” says Daniel Fehrle, adding that he hopes to receive even more applications throughout the year.

A way to support TYPO3

“The idea of an academic membership category arose during the TYPO3 University Days in 2016,” says Daniel. “We were considering how the universities could support the TYPO3 Association in the future.”
The TYPO3 Association is welcoming the new membership category. “Universities do not have the same needs as commercial web agencies, and many academic institutions found it hard to fit into the existing membership structure,” says Olivier Dobberkau, president of the TYPO3 Association. “I am proud of the way the Academic Committee has worked to find a way to allow universities to strengthen TYPO3.”

Early birds save €250

<link>Order your academic membership today
If you have further questions, contact Daniel Fehrle at <link> Use the coupon code ACADEMIC20T3A when ordering your academic membership, and we will waive the €250 one-time admission fee. (The code is valid for the first 20 registrations, and expires at the end of May, 2017).