Information about the postponement of the T3DD

Categories: Community, Association Created by Volker Graubaum
The developer days were planned to happen in April 2013, and yet we haven't announced a date for it. This caused several discussions as community members wanted to plan for this event. We like to say sorry to the community about this lack of information and we are trying to get better here. We'll start with an explanation on why it was necessary to reschedule the date of the T3DD13. Following the suggestion of the event team, the organisers tried to elaborate alternative locations to the Mace (which is the place there T3DD12 happened already). These should be less expensive than the Mace (which was EUR 65.000) and fix some disadvantages of it. Unfortunately we cannot present any results yet but had interesting talks to some providers already. However, these negotiations will take some time. Launching the event in April 2013 would leave only three months for us to organize it. We cannot guarantee to raise a sufficient number of sponsoring fees by then in order to offer tickets at a deducted price of max. 200 EUR as the Event Team and the EAB agree to demand. Therefore all involved parties have agreed to find a new date in the middle of 2013. We are confident to announce this date at the General Assembly in February 2013. For the Event Team
Volker Graubaum