Git repositories for TYPO3 Flow & Neos packages have been renamed

Categories: Development Created by Karsten Dambekalns
In the light of the upcoming release of TYPO3 Flow 2.0 we took one of the missing steps: The git repositories have been renamed to follow the naming scheme. Read on for details and instructions.
When FLOW3 was renamed to TYPO3 Flow, a lot of code needed to be changed. One of the last remaining uses of FLOW3 after that was in the names of our git repositories. With the help of Steffen Gebert from the TYPO3 admin team we sorted that out today. That means that the URLs for most of the git repositories have changed. The common rule is as follows:
  • FLOW3/Packages is now Packages
  • FLOW3/Applications is now Flow/Applications
  • FLOW3/Distributions is now Flow/Distributions
So a URL that was is now Some repositories were "renamed a bit more" because their name was off on more levels than just the path. The repository name now always reflects the vendor name, so the TYPO3.Soap package is now in a repository of the same name–and not just Soap like before. The most prominent repositories affected by this are probably:
  • TYPO3.FLOW3.git is now TYPO3.Flow.git
  • TYPO3.TYPO3.git is now TYPO3.Neos.git
  • TYPO3.Phoenix.ContentTypes.git is now TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes.git
The repository URLs on <link https: packages typo3>Packagist were updated with the new values already, so composer should find all (TYPO3) packages just fine. Still pending is the move of the TYPO3v5/… repositories to Neos/…, that will be done later this week. The same goes for adjusting the repository settings on Forge. Some repositories will be removed completely, either because they were no longer used or have never been used. A complete list of changes can be found in the attached file Flow-git-renaming.txt

How to adjust to those changes

If you are using composer to fetch packages, composer install will do the right thing. Calling composer update will set the "composer" remote to the new URL, but leave the "origin" remote unchanged in each package. To set this, you (inside a package) can use this command
git remote set-url origin git://….git
to change the remote (or use your favorite git GUI). If you are using git submodules, git submodule sync can be used to update the remotes after adjusting the .gitmodules file.