FLOW3 1.1 beta 1 released

Categories: Development Created by Robert Lemke
The FLOW3 team is pleased to announce the release of FLOW3 1.1 beta 1. After several months of development, we have now closed the lid of the feature box and present this first beta for getting feedback from the FLOW3 community.

Upgrading from FLOW3 1.0

FLOW3 1.1 contains various new features and - we knew you would like that - big speed improvements. We also took the opportunity to adjust some important APIs, such as the Model View Controller mechanism. Thus the upcoming FLOW3 version is not 100% backwards compatible and this is what we anticipated. But we found a nice way to ease everyone’s upgrade pain: a brand new code migration tool automatically adjusts your code to fit the most important API changes. And for the few parts it can't refactor you just follow the detailed upgrade instructions.

Beta and Stable Releases

We plan to release two beta versions in total, followed by the stable release of FLOW3 1.1. If necessary, we'd also release additional betas or adjust the timeline in order to meet our quality standards. Both beta releases have a specific goal: FLOW3 1.1 beta 1 contains all improvements we want to see in the final version. The goal for this release is to get feedback on the compatibility and stability: does your project still work fine after following our upgrade instructions? What did we miss? Although the first beta contains most of the code of the new major features (HTTP, I18N, content security, more speed ...), those features are not fully documented yet. Which brings us to the goal for the second beta release: FLOW3 1.1 beta 2 will contain all features, including the big new ones. The objective for this release is to also get feedback on the HTTP foundation, the localization and translation framework and all the other gems we put into 1.1. We will provide documentation for all of the new features so you know how to test and use them in your own projects. Once we are confident that 1.1 works equally fine for you like it does for us, we are ready for a stable 1.1 release.

Share Your Insights

At this point we’d like to invite you to upgrade existing projects or start new ones based on 1.1. Don’t use it in production yet, but please do share your insights and possible problems you might face. Please refer to the <link http: wiki.typo3.org upgrade_flow3>upgrading instructions and add your own findings to the related <link http: wiki.typo3.org wiki>discussion page. The prospective release date for FLOW3 1.1 beta 2 is May 29th. We hope you enjoy it.