First Steps With Your Free SkillDisplay Organization Account

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Recently, SkillDisplay announced free skill tracking and verification for TYPO3 Association members. You can now visit a welcome page explaining how to start using the Organization account and free credits.

Visit the TYPO3 Welcome Page on SkillDisplay

The page makes it easy to log in, and gives some helpful instructions to walk you through:

  • Presenting your organization
  • Improving your internal mentorship
  • Promoting your training resource

The TYPO3 Association and SkillDisplay

SkillDisplay offers official skill sets and learning paths based on industry certifications, such as those of TYPO3 and The platform was created with funding from the European Union and in collaboration with the TYPO3 Association.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum members of the TYPO3 Association receive credits and a free business account at to manage, track and verify internal skills and optimize preparation for certifications.

The credits received are based on the TYPO3 Association membership level (Silver: 10 credits, Gold: 45 credits, Platinum: 135 credits). One credit is equivalent to one skill verification for one person. More about the benefits

Get Started with SkillDisplay Now   Become a TYPO3 Association Member

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