February's diary of the TYPO3 Association

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Strategy Workshop, PR Workshop, Quarterly Summit of the TYPO3 Association, preparation for the General Assembly, and announcement of the TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015.
 2 February: Strategy Workshop in Frankfurt On February 2nd members of the Board and of the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) of the TYPO3 Association (T3A) met in Frankfurt for a strategy workshop. The aim of this meeting was to design and select potential strategic scenarios that would shape the future of the TYPO3 Association. The workshop started with a brainstorming session, during which participants could share ideas on what they believe the T3A stands for and what it should provide to its members. These have been then clustered into 7 main categories: marketing, products, legal, social, values, ecosystem, and training and certifications. These results have been then compared to the <link http: typo3.org news article summary-of-the-2014-agency-meetups _blank to summary of typo3 agency meetup days>summary of the outcome from the 10 TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days of 2014. The result of this comparison helped the participants to draw the five key goals of the T3A for the next 3 to 5 years. These are:
  • Increase the number of people involved with TYPO3
  • Keep the good vibe and values
  • Increase TYPO3 market share
  • Increase confidence in products
  • Provide CMS insights
The second part of the workshop, on the basis of the first part and of the defined goals, has been dedicated to developing strategic scenarios for the TYPO3 Association. Of the few scenarios created, three have been chosen as final ones and as those that will be presented and voted on at the GA in April 2015. You can read more about the selected scenarios <link http: typo3.org news article title-why-you-really-must-attend-the-ga-this-year-like-really _blank>here and about the GA <link http: typo3.org news article general-assembly-2015 _blank>here. 3 February: PR Workshop in Frankfurt with Fink & Fuchs PR On February 3rd, Board, EAB, and team representatives (Mathias Schreiber, Christian Müller and Benni Mack) took part to a Press Relations Workshop organized and moderated by our Fink & Fuchs consultants, Marianne Slamich and Kirsten Gnadl. The workshop started with a review of successes and learnings from the previous year, and with an analysis of the resources available for 2015, as well as of market, positioning, and target audience. The second part of the workshop has been instead focused on the real communications strategy and planning for this year. We as T3A expect great support for our partner Fink & Fuchs, as well as great collaboration with the representatives of each TYPO3 team.

23 - 24 February: Quarterly Summit TYPO3 Association (QSA) As mentioned already in our January's diary, the TYPO3 Association's regular meetings known as CEBAB are now called Quarterly Summit TYPO3 Association, or simply QSA. The one that took place on February 23rd and 24th in Karlsruhe was aimed at finalizing the scenarios we created during the strategy workshop, at writing an official article to communicate the content of the strategy, and as usual at reviewing the quarter as well as at planning the next one. One further discussion topic has been the upcoming end of the support for TYPO3 CMS 4.5 LTS. We all know of TYPO3 CMS 4.5 LTS usage from different webmetric sources such as w3techs.com, T3census, and others. With the upcoming end of its support, the T3A has asked the CMS team if they could imagine to extend the patching provided and under which settings this could be offered to the interested parties. Martin Wiederkehr and Olivier Dobberkau have been working with the CMS Team to agree on the prolongation of the support. There is still work needed as regards the details, but if you are interested in being part of such a funding campaign then please contact Mathias Schreiber (mathias(at)typo3(dot)org). You will then be contacted once the offering has been finished. As always, EAB and Board splitted for few hours to work on their different tasks. While the EAB was involved with finalizing the budget list and the budget agreements, the Board could focus on the article for the presentation of the strategy of the TYPO3 Association and on clearing other internal processes or open issues, such as PR workflow, reviewing the membership model, membership statistics, and social media usage within the TYPO3 Association and community. As you might have noticed, a result of this is that the <link https: twitter.com typo3assoc _blank to twitter>TYPO3 Association Twitter account is now officially active. Follow us to stay up to date with our announcements and activities. Once again, a big thank you goes to Frederic Gaus and to Flagbit for the hosting.

11 February: Password reset is available again Small things can be helpful. At shop.typo3.org and association.typo3.org the password reset functionality has been made available again.

12 February: General Assembly announcement On February 12 Stefan Busemann, secretary of the Board of the TYPO3 Association, has announced the General Assembly 2015 (LINK) , which will take place on April 14th at 13:00 in Essen. The <link http: association.typo3.org general-assembly ref assoc _blank>General Assembly (GA) is the body with the highest authority within the TYPO3 Association. At this annual meeting many basic decisions are taken, online elections are approved, and budget decisions by the EAB are acknowledged. All members of the TYPO3 Association are invited to join the GA. 24 February: TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015 announcement

On February 24 Stefan Busemann had another important announcement to make: the TYPO3 Association organizes this year for the first time the <link http: typo3.org news article dialogue-days-2015 _blank to typo3 dialogue>TYPO3 Dialogue Days.  The TYPO3 Dialogue Days have the aim of transforming the annual GA into a more dynamic and interesting event. The main goal of the event is to improve the communication between TYPO3 Association, community, and members. By reinforcing the role of the T3A as bridge builder, we aim at supporting the products' success, to uphold the spirit in the community, and to act as a professional organization towards the outside world. The TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015 will take place on April 13 -15 in the Unperfekthaus in Essen. Also, remember that there is the possibility of sponsoring the TYPO3 Dialogue Days. This is a great way to support the TYPO3 project by fostering the way community and Association interact, as well as by supporting cross-team exchange. Your sponsoring will be announced in the report about the TYPO3 Dialogue Days and you will have your logo and backlink on the event's page. Sponsoring is available in two packages: 500 € Silver sponsoring and 1000 € Gold sponsoring. Should you have questions regarding the event or regarding the sponsoring possibilities, please contact Stefan Busemann. A big thank you for the production of the TYPO3 Dialogue Days logo goes to the TYPO3 Editorial team and to <link https: twitter.com jamesdavid_arts _blank>James David Wiebe. For the coordination of the logo production a big thank you to <link https: twitter.com docmak _blank>Fabian Stein.