Extbase and Fluid Feature Overview

Categories: Development Created by Sacha Storz
Some very useful tables to give a quick overview about the features in different versions of Extbase and Fluid.
Extbase and Fluid are key technologies in the transition from TYPO3 4.x/6.x to Phoenix. As both are subject to rapid evolvement, the specific flavours incorporated into current TYPO3 versions (stable, old  stable, LTS, deprecated) are quite different concerning the feature set they support. Helmut Hummel of naw.info posted some very useful tables on his blog after combing through the change logs. They show which feature is present in which version and will probably save you a lot of experimenting, searching, and debugging.Thanks a lot for the effort!
Extbase Features
TYPO3 4.4TYPO3 4.5TYPO3 4.6TYPO3 4.7
extbase 1.2extbase 1.3extbase 1.4extbase 4.7
Automatic target page determinationxxx
Configurable plugin namespacexxx
Dependency Injection(x)xx
plugins as content elementsxxx
Default Orderings & QuerySettingsxxx
response format configurable in TypoScriptxx
new Property Mapper(x)x
Signal Slotxx
Command Controllerxx
CommandController commands through Schedulerx
Dependency Injection without inject-methodsx
Shorthand syntax for foreign Validatorsx
Fluid Features
TYPO3 4.4TYPO3 4.5TYPO3 4.6TYPO3 4.7
fluid 1.2fluid 1.3fluid 1.4fluid 4.7
Fluid Standalone viewxxx
Set layoutName by variablexx
Template Cachexx