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In the TYPO3 Community Language & Writing Guide, we have a set of values that articulate the identity of the TYPO3 Project. They fall into three categories: human values, product & technical values, and leadership and business values.

The values were arrived at via a consultative process and are designed to be helpful when communicating with the community.

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The Process For Finding the Values

In June 2021, Tracy Evans from Open Strategy Partners (OSP) facilitated an exercise to map and prioritize our community values.

The aim was to ask a wide group of people about their perspective on TYPO3, and discover what view we share about our community.

The survey process was anonymous and asynchronous. Using a Miro board, Association members and community representatives were presented with a large collection of potential values across three categories: human, technology and leadership. The first activity for each respondent was to choose ten values that they felt were most connected to TYPO3. The second round required respondents to trim it down to short-list three values from each category. 

We compiled results from almost 100 respondents, and some clear themes emerged. Community members clearly share some principles about TYPO3.

How These Values Can Help You

The values are documented in the TYPO3 Community Language & Writing Guide because they help you know what voice and tone to use when speaking or writing about our community, technology, and services. They also give a snapshot of our character. Newcomers can use the values to gain an understanding of what we’re passionate about in one quick glance.

The values give you a safety net. You don’t have to guess about what words to use or how to find common ground when communicating with the community. They can help team leaders understand what makes their team members tick. It’s easier to do your job when you know that we share similar views about our project.

These values support and build on our Vision, Mission and Purpose, our Community Values, and our Code of Conduct when interacting with members of our community online or in person. 

What The TYPO3 Community Prizes

Human Values

We are a human-first community. Human Values are about behavior and reflect what we prioritize when interacting with our community. As a community, we support, inspire, and share knowledge with one another. We strive to foster an inclusive community that respects all members, regardless of our backgrounds. The TYPO3 product would not exist without our contributors. Human values include key tenets of contribution, respect and collaboration.

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Product and Technical Values

TYPO3 maintains high-quality, well-documented, and clean code. But Tech Values are about more than just code: we recognize that software is not an end in itself. Our future is sustained by knowledge sharing, mentorship, and support. We like to solve real problems and prioritize security above all else. Tech values include key tenets of security, code quality and meaningful innovation.

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Business and Leadership Values

Leadership Values reflect how we want to present ourselves in the broader open source landscape and technology domain. Strong, clear communication is vital to foster an open source community’s health and growth. We take our responsibilities seriously and community members know they can rely on us. Business and leadership values include key tenets of fairness, feedback and mentorship. 

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