Education Adventures 2015 - A Report from the Education Sprint

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A warm hello and spirited greetings from the Education Committee Sprint in Gemünd, located directly in the Eifel National Park in Germany. Not only the nature is wild here, but we have been working on a wild programme for 2015. The first part was about strategic planning for 2015 followed by task force sprints for some of our projects. The outcome exceeded our own expectations and we hope you will be as thrilled about what 2015 will bring as we are. Here is a short summary and preview of what you can expect:
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Editors: Get Your Certification
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Prolonging your Integrator Certification without the need of re-taking the exam: #CertiFUNcation!
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Trainer and Institute Certifications
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Agency Certifications
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Last But Not Least: The Mentorship Programme!
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Acknowledgements
  • <link http: news article education-adventures-2015-a-report-from-the-education-sprint _top>Want to be part of it? Join our next sprint!

Editors: Get Your Certification!

The CTF (Curriculum Task Force) is about extending the current certification programmes. The Certification Team is currently producing an Integrator Certification and is working on the Developer Certification which will be available most probably by the end of this year or early in 2016 at Pearson Vue Testing Centers around the world. On top of this there will be an Editor Certification within the year. We have already assembled the base set of questions for the exam during our sprint and this base certification will be available as an online exam. Not only that there will be more certifications available - we also want to ease the path to your personal certification. Therefore we will provide a curriculum (German: Lehrplan) to allow you to plan your preparation for the editor certification and as an aid for instructors to help carry out high level editor training. Additionally we plan to have a certification preflight where you can do a mock exam so you can test yourself to see if you are ready for the real deal! We are going to assemble curriculums and preflights for the Integrator Certification and the upcoming Developer Certification so stay tuned.

Prolonging your Integrator Certification without the need of re-taking the exam: #CertiFUNcation!

The integrator certification is valid for 36 months, after which you need to re-certify to prove that you have kept up to date with the development of TYPO3 CMS and provide your customers an up-to-date and high quality service. Starting this year there will be another way to extend your certification without taking another exam. <link http: news article typo3-alumni-certifuncation-day _top>See our article about having fun and party in a theme park and get your certificate extended "on the fly".

Trainer and Institute Certifications

Having the curriculums for TYPO3 editors, integrators & developers ready we are about to set up a certification for both trainers and certified institutes as we want to achieve a high and standardized level of education around the TYPO3 products. We are currently in a rough concept phase so please expect more news later this year.

Agency Certifications

The Certification Team in co-operation with the Education Committee is also planning to offer an Agency Certification after the Developer Certification is launched. This is also on a concept level, so be prepared to learn more later this year.

Last But Not Least: The Mentorship Programme!

TYPO3 is renowned to be... not especially easy to get started with. With our new mentorship programme you can apply for your mentor to help you get onto the right track and navigate the initially daunting volume of documentation available. This boarding service will be available for free to everyone and will be launched in a few days.


I’d like to thank the participants of the sprint for their extraordinary efforts during the last weeks and during the sprint itself: Patrick Lobacher for getting the Curriculum Task Force going together with Pascal Dürsteler (Certification Team Lead); Andrea Herzog-Kienast and Wolfgang Wagner for preparing the editor curriculum; All of the above and Flo Weiss for finalizing it and compiling the base set of exam questions already! I’d also like to thank Moritz Krauss for setting up the Mentorship Programme and his commitment to also maintaining it as the Mentorship Task Force leader. Nicki Uhlbach and Boris Hinzer are doing an amazing job in planning and organizing the #CertiFUNcation - I am very much looking forward to that, for sure this has become one of the MUST VISITS for this year :). Best read the news on Monday and follow us on twitter (<link https: typo3education>@TYPO3Education) so you don’t miss out on the cool stuff! Then there is Den Denyer! He has provided us with English translation and proofreading assistance. Den, thanks a lot for your constant help! Dear readers - if you find spelling mistakes it’s not my responsibility this time :) MOST IMPORTANT: Thanks to all <link http: members>TYPO3 Association Members for making this possible by the sponsoring the sprint costs and thanks to <link http:>Pluswerk and <link http:>Eifel-Online for sponsoring the <link https: typo3education status>meal and the <link https: typo3education status>meal during the sprint. You all made it possible to work on such great projects in a great atmosphere. Hope you are as happy with the results as we are!

Want to be part of it? Join our next sprint!

We just covered parts of what will happen in 2015 during these sprint days and if you were inspired by this report and want to join us, here is the upcoming opportunity: On March 12th and 13th will be our next code sprint in Freiburg, Germany. This will be a Learning Unit Task Force sprint and we will continue to build the TYPO3 Campus based on Moodle. For anyone who is interested Nicki Uhlbach will do a Black Forest Tour with you on the day before. Please see the <link http: learning_unit_sprint_1_-_2015>wiki page for more details and for joining us there!
If you would like to contribute to one of our task forces, then here is the a list of the names of the task force leaders. Just go ahead and contact us, we need more people to help us make TYPO3 education fly:
  • Learning Unit TF, <link>Patrick Lobacher
    Creating learning paths and learning units for our Moodle based TYPO3 Campus as well as preflights for the certifications.

  • Infrastructure TF, <link>Boris Hinzer
    Setting up, customization and maintenance of our Moodle server.

  • Event TF, <link>Boris Hinzer & <link>Nicki Uhlbach
    Taking care of #CertiFUNcation - details will follow on Monday :).

  • Curriculum TF, <link>Patrick Lobacher & <link>Pascal Dürsteler
    Certification concepts, compiling the curriculums.

  • Gamification TF, <link>Christopher Hlubek
    Implementing gamification in all our projects.

  • Certification Preparation Workshop TF, <link>Anna Leonhardt
    Organisation and co-ordination of our on-location workshops.

  • Mentorship TF, <link>Moritz Krauss
    Set up and maintenance of our mentorship programme.

  • Committee Lead, <link>Peter Pröll & <link>Patrick Lobacher
    First points of contact if you're not sure which TF to join, overall concept, coffee service & "MFA" ;)