Documentation Team code sprint

Categories: Community, Documentation Created by François Suter
The TYPO3 Documentation Team will meet for a code sprint for the first time ever. The event will take place in Fribourg, Switzerland.
Although most members of the Documentation Team met each other at some point in time in the past, we never had before an opportunity to all gather together. After all the work that went into the migration to reStructuredText and into building the news documentation server (<link http: the typo3 documentation web>, it seemed important to take a step back and consider what has been done and what still needs to be done. The budget that was granted for 2014 (many thanks to all those who made it the third most popular budget request!) is intended for that. It covers the upcoming code sprint and the finalisation of the work on, including documenting our tools and processes. The code sprint will take place in Fribourg, Switzerland, in the office of <link http: the web site of> SA, from April 10 to 12 (Thursday noon to Saturday evening). More details can be found in the <link http: docteam code_sprint_2014 the wiki page dedicated to documentation team code>dedicated wiki page. We are currently five participants and could welcome a couple more. If you are interested in joining the Documentation Team, this is a great opportunity to do so as you can get to know its current members and start using our tools and processes with the (near) whole team at hand for helping. Get in touch by writing to <link a mail to the documentation> (Picture by Adrian Measures, CC-SA, <link http: items adrian-70c133b3ef073f19ec4975960111a8be the original image on>original image)