Diary of the TYPO3 Association (July / August 2016)

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Set up of the TYPO3 GmbH is making progress / Association Roadmap to be refined


In the last two month we concentrated our work to form the TYPO3 GmbH. After the registration of its business into the register and finding office rooms, Mathias Schreiber (CEO, TYPO3 GmbH) is proud that the staffing process has been successful. The Team consists as of today:

  • Susi Moog - Software Quality
  • Jörg Ems - typo3.com / community / merchandising shop
  • Frank Nägler - Development
  • Anja Leichsenring - Development
  • Jan Helke - Development
If you want to learn more about the TYPO3 GmbH and its offerings, please visit the newly launched website <link https: typo3.com professional>typo3.com.

TYPO3 Association goals & responsibilities

Burg Nürnberg
During this year’s TYPO3 Developer Days in Nürnberg the Board of the TYPO3 Association and the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) met. With TYPO3 GmbH being founded as a result of the Association members vote at this years General Assembly, we sat down to revisit and refine the goals and responsibilities of the TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 GmbH. Goals for TYPO3 Association:
  • Keep good vibes and values: We want to help our community to keep their spirit, f.e. by organizing events and support our teams.
  • Provide CMS insights / research: We want to create knowledge for our members and community. Allowing us to be recognized as the leading knowledge source for content management.
Goals for TYPO3 GmbH:
  • Increase market share: The GmbH should create products and services helping to increase our market share. F.e. the marketplace will allow us to aim for new target groups.
  • Increase confidence in products: The quality and usability of our products should increase the confidence of our community and customers.
Shared responsibilities:
  • Increase number of people involved with TYPO3
The TYPO3 Association will be concentrating on:
  • Enlarging member base: A bigger member base will allow us to be more connected to our community and user base. Further this will strengthen the financial base, which helps us to foster more projects in our community.
  • Enlarging typo3.org user base: Having more people connected to our community will further increase contribution for the whole project.
The TYPO3 GmbH will be responsible for:
  • Enlarging contributor user base: The GmbH will try to attract more contributors to our products.
Some ideasAction points For the next months we prioritized five projects:
  • Introduce a new single sign on: The current solution is a blocker of the relaunch of typo3.org - so we are aiming to introduce a LDAP based solution until the end of the year.
  • Membership Relation (CRM): We want to improve the overall communication towards our members and also towards all typo3.org users. Therefore we want to introduce a relationship management. For a first step additional communction options will be added to your typo3.org user account.
  • Attract more members for the TYPO3 Association: We are currently collecting ideas, to start a membership campaign.
  • Trademark campaign: As already mentioned in the last diary, we will start campaign, to explain our trademark rules.
  • Communication & events
    • Relaunch typo3.org: The relaunch of typo3.org is now scheduled. The project is coordinated by Thomas Löffler, Michael Stucki and Stefan Busemann.
    • Improve our newsletters: We want to improve our member newsletter and typo3.org user newsletter.
  • Events: Collecting ideas to expand or explore new event types.
Overall remark: It was great to have the meeting in between our developers and community! 

Github for extensions

At the TYPO3 Developer Days Extension Developers got encouraged to move their extension repository from git.typo3.org to Github. The reason is, that our own infrastructure consumes a lot of manpower to administer. Also is Github is a kind of standard for web software development and we like to simplify contribution. Developers who want to keep their extensions at the TYPO3 infrastructure, won’t be forced to move.

Stack Overflow usage

Last year Slack was introduced as a modern platform for real time communication. The intention was to replace the old mailing list system. The acceptance by the community is a great success and it improved our communication for teams and users. Sadly it has one major drawback: We lost a lot of visibility in the Web, because many questions were answered in Slack and not anymore in mailing lists (and their online mirrors). Therefore the core team decided to move all support questions to Stack Overflow (<link http: stackoverflow.com>stackoverflow.com). Stack Overflow is a well known and trusted platform, where user can ask questions and find answers. All user-generated content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.  So if you have technical questions regarding TYPO3, we kindly ask you, to create them at Stack Overflow and post a link in Slack and discuss the issue. The final answer will be posted to Stack Overflow. We are pretty sure, that this kind of knowledge management will help our community and raise the visibility of TYPO3 in the web.
Upcoming & Dates:
  • 28.09.2016, TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day Vienna
  • 04.10.2016, TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day Bologna
  • 04.10.2016, TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day Frankfurt on the Main
  • 11.10.2016, TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day Munich
  • 26. / 27.10.2016 TYPO3 Conference
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TYPO3 Developer Days Team
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