Developer Days 2017: Midsummer in Sweden

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This year, the TYPO3 Developer Days travel north, to the high sky and bright nights of the Scandinavian summer. “We would like to do it differently,” says Pixelant CEO Robert Lindh.
The venue for <link https: _blank>this year’s Developer Days (13th–16th July 2017) is a brand new hotel in Malmö’s Hyllie district, just 12 minutes from <link https: en _blank>Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. The hotel was completed last year, and the Developer Days’ website describes it as having “every comfort imaginable”.

Growing TYPO3 internationally

Robert sees this year’s location as a great step for the TYPO3 community. “The Developer Days are almost always in Germany, and organizing it in a different country helps grow the market internationally. The Danes are super happy too!” “We have booked the entire hotel,” says Robert, who’s <link http: _blank>Malmö-based TYPO3 agency is organizing the event together with Andrea Herzog-Kienast, CEO of <link http: _blank>Kienast Datenverarbeitung in Solingen, Germany.
The organizers hope the Developer Days 2017 will have a great impact, and the Swedish web entrepreneur is excited about bringing the conference home: “The combination of people being able to visit Sweden and go to the Developer Days is super cool. The Developer Days are about driving both the development of TYPO3 and yourself forward.”

A coding night with an early sunrise

“Our goal is that the Developer Days 2017 will be one of the most memorable ever,” says Robert. “We won’t run out of space. The hotel can accommodate 1000 people, and the conference hall can fit 3-400 participants.” The TYPO3 Developer Days are about the technical sides of TYPO3. “We are looking forward to exciting talks and workshops, and a long coding night enjoying the early sunrise,” says Robert.
You can read more about the conference at <link http:>
Date: 13th–16th July 2017
Website: <link http:> 
Registration: Opens soon