Core-Team releases TYPO3 4.0.3

Categories: Development Created by Thomas Hempel
After almost three months since version 4.0.2, the new bugfix release of TYPO3 4.0 is finally there.
As usual, the new version only contains bugfixes and no new features. Some of the fixed issues are:
  • Internet Explorer 7 compatibility
  • Some fixes in combination with DBAL
  • Some minor fixes to the Extension Manager
  • Some small tweaks for PHP5 were made
  • Some fixes for the Tools>User Admin Module "SU" mode
  • The TSConfig property "options.hideRecords.pages" was ignored for mounted pages.
  • A security enhancement prevents image access through thumbs.php.
  • A security issue with has been corrected.
For more detailed information on the changes, read the <link http: development articles release-notes-403>release notes for 4.0.3. You can now download the new packages from <link http: download>