Communication in Open Source Software Communities

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University Research on the TYPO3 and Blender Communities

Maaike Teeuven of the VU University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is doing research on "geographically dispersed communities?, aiming to study the effects of geographical dispersion on the evolution of communities.

It seems that from a scientific and economical point of view, there is limited factual data about the impact communication methods have on the evolution of the community. Maaike's thesis and questionnaire aim to provide some insight in these matters, hopeing that the results will be useful for the TYPO3 Association as well.

This research encompasses the Open Source Software communities TYPO3 and Blender. A comparison of the results obtained from these two communities will be used to enhance the reliability of the results. The research aims to highlight which communication method is most effective in enabling a disperse community to evolve.

The findings will be publicized on the TYPO3 website approximately in September.

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