Codesprint: We have never been to Sweden before ...

Categories: Development Created by Anja Leichsenring
The Core Team goes north - code sprint 09.07. - 12.07.16 in Malmoe / Sweden
The next TYPO3 Core Codesprint will take place in the nice city of Malmoe in Sweden. <link http: _blank pixelant>Pixelant expects up to 20 participants in their office for four days full of coding, contributing, discussing and having fun. Susi, Benni, Jan and Anja of the Core Team will make sure that everybody is properly introduced to and supported in mastering the TYPO3 contribution workflow and will help every participant to brand their name into the next Changelog. Additionally there is a community to meet and you can get a whole new world of information, support and new friends from it. Just let us guide you through it. We, as the core team members, look forward to meeting as many people from the local community as possible. First and foremost developers, as we want to have a codesprint - and even if you just want to drop by to feed your curiosity about what we are doing there - you will be welcome. If you are a developer and want to meet and join us for four awesome days, please <link https: development sprints july _blank>register yourself in our wiki. All expenses can be reimbursed by the Association budget, so this event is free of charge for you. If you need help convincing your boss to let you participate, just give us a hint (and the cell phone number of your boss ;) ). Any questions will be answered, just drop me some lines to <link> or join us on Slack (Registration: <link https: slack _blank> and find me there. On behalf of the core team and all contributors, I invite you to take part in the code sprint in Malmoe at Pixelants. We’re looking forward to meeting you. Kind regards Anja & the TYPO3 Core Team