Codesprint: Waalwijk and Venlo Camp make for a great week in april

Categories: Development Created by Anja Leichsenring
Join the code sprint in Waalwijk and share your experience at the TYPO3camp Venlo afterwards.
Our dutch friends are good for an outstanding contributing experience in April: they offer a sprint- and camp combination. <link https: _blank>MaxServ will host the TYPO3 codesprint 18.4 - 21.4 in Waalwijk, where the main focus is to attract new contributors and show them how to bring TYPO3 forward. Core devs will be present to make sure everybody gets as many patches in the core as possible. Additionally this is not only a roadshow and a teaching session, we aim of course for improving our current master branch for editors experience with the upcomming v8 series. After the sprint, all participants who want to, are transferred to Venlo, where the <link http: _blank>international TYPO3camp Venlo takes place. On April 22nd and 23rd there will be talks and sessions about all aspects of TYPO3. And as a sprint participant, you will not even need a ticket! Those are kindly sponsored by the camp organisation. So the offer stands: register yourself at our <link https: development sprints april2>wiki page, attend the sprint, and then join the camp and talk about your experience. We look forward to meet you.