“Bringing people together who share the same passion” – TYPO3Camp Venlo 2017

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The international TYPO3Camp Venlo was not just two days of sharing knowledge and touching on the latest technological advancements in the TYPO3 community. According to Mathias Schreiber 11, 12 and 13th of March were days meant to bring people together who share the same passion, TYPO3. A very worthwhile cause.
TYPO3 is becoming more and more popular and that can be felt in the general atmosphere at the camp. Because it is not only the Dutch that turn up here. Also, plenty of people from Belgium and Germany are spending their weekend in Venlo. And even beyond those borders people attended from Denmark, Paris and even San Francisco. A rich diversity of nationalities settles in the Domani old church for this weekend. First and foremost, Edward Lenssen of Beech.it welcomes all the guests to the camp with his welcome speech.

The newest version of TYPO3 – Mathias Schreiber

Mathias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 Inc. introduces the newest version of TYPO3, TYPO3 version 8. Mathias discusses all the projects that have led to new features which are now implemented in the newest version. Next to that he gave some insight into the activities and plans of TYPO3 Inc. Some of these insights are supplying tools for certain commissions within the community and launching the new TYPO3 partner program. Another important part is preserving and creating trust in the TYPO3 project. For instance, helping a TYPO3 editor who has lost his password.

Website localization – Daniel Zielinski

How do you make sure a website is delivered on time, well targeted and in different languages? By planning well, Daniel Zielinski says. Give people responsibilities over certain project parts and reserve money and time for localization plans. Otherwise you will run into trouble. Furthermore Zielinski - working at Loctimize - made clear that you should always have a strategy when localizing a website. Without a strategy you are just wasting money.

Launch of the TYPO3 Yoast SEO module

Together with Richard Haeser (MaxServ), Joost de Valk (Yoast) introduces the Yoast SEO extension for TYPO3. Yoast is King of the Hill when it comes to SEO and Wordpress. Because of this the entire hall is filled with spectators. And with good reason. There is currently no extension on the TYPO3 playground that does what Yoast has been doing for quite some time now. Currently the module is in its last open beta phase. It will be launched officially during the Meet TYPO3 event in Rotterdam on April 20th. Omar Reiss, the CTO of Yoast, had a very positive response to his first meeting with the TYPO3 community. ”We found a true community, very passionate about open source and driven to make TYPO3 great. And that journey we would like to join.” Sharing knowledge is not everything, of course. There was also an extraordinary buffet for all the guests.

Tips for editors – Patrick Broens

Co-host Patrick Broens makes life for TYPO3 editors a whole lot easier. In his presentation Broens showed several tips and tricks. In an in-depth session on Saturday he showed several code examples how to achieve this easily.

The new Forms module – Björn Jacob

Björn from Tritum shows us the new Forms module that will come with TYPO3 version 8. With super easy ‘drag-and-drop’ functionalities creating forms has never been easier. Editors, programmers, admins, none of them will ever have to bother with complex forms again. With the new module it is also very easy to create connections to other software solutions. Björn says he was surprised by the stunning venue, but also by the friendly and openminded international public and the many sessions that were given. He says he is sure to come back next year.

Coders.Care – Petra and Jo Hasenau

Petra and Jo Hasenau lead the discussion about a new platform called Coders.Care. This platform will be a new trustworthy connection between enterprises and extension developers within the TYPO3 community. Users and enterprises can get the security and safety they desire, while developers can earn some extra money by giving support or extending their projects.

Responsive webdesign – Sven Wolfermann

There were not only sessions for users, but also for developers. Flexbox, CSS grids, are all great ways to enhance responsive webdesign, says Sven Wolfermann from maddesigns in his presentation.

Docker containers – Lucas van Lierop

Those who wanted to know more about Docker containers had a blast in Lucas van Lierop’s session. Working with layers in your project was the focus of this presentation. Van Lierop hopes that more people will start using this approach after listening to his story.

Orchestrated, consistent and deterministic deployment – Robert Douglass

A very enthusiastic Robert Douglass from Platform.sh tells us about orchestrated, consistent and deterministic deployment. A must according to Douglass. “When you launch a product that has costs you a lot of time, you want it to succeed.”.

Websecurity – Gijs Roeffen

When you have launched a website, it might be a good idea to have a secure system at hand. Gijs Roeffen shows us how he secures his website with Awasp. Even if you are the best of the best, completely secure does not exist. Roeffen has been hacked once as well. He explains that you should also have plans as to what to do when you get hacked.

Facebook and the configuration of many servers – Morton Jonuschat

If there is one company that has a lot of servers, it’s Facebook. Morton Jonuschat works at this social media giant. And he tells us all about configuring multiple servers, especially on a very large scale. When you make a mistake in this branch, it can be devastating. Jonuschat gives us loads of tips on how to prevent this.

PHP7.1 – Michelangelo van Dam

This session answered the question “What has improved with PHP 7.1?”. Lots of advancements, but also a couple of problems still remain. With the release of PHP7.1, PHP5 will no longer be supported a year from now.

Saturday – Barcamp

Day two is all about sharing knowledge with each other. This means: barcamp. Editors, developers, students and hosts all show up to give presentations on this day. This results in a day with loads of varied and interesting topics. Some are about TYPO3 and marketing automation, but there’s also a presentation about Plato. Next to that were various Q&A sessions about new features within TYPO3 8. There was also a brainstorming session held on how to advance the Dutch TYPO3 community. All ideas discussed during this session will be put into practice at the <link https: wiki.typo3.org release_party>launch party of TYPO3 version 8 on April 7th, during the <link http: www.meet-typo3.nl>Meet TYPO3 event in Rotterdam and at the bootcamp community day end May at TYPO3 customer De Mandemaker Groep in Waalwijk.

A weekend well spent

A weekend well spent is what many people found themselves thinking when the camp was over. Karin Falkenberg said she was very happy that they installed a wheelchair ramp, specially for her. Anders Kostending from Denmark said he liked the casual feeling of the camp very much and that it enhances the productivity in discussions held at the camp. “We brought home a lot of topics that was discussed with the team, either as a reminder or as a different way to do something”. Because of these overwhelming reactions the organization has already announced the 6th TYPO3Camp Venlo which will take place from the 8th until the 10th of March in 2018. And of course at the same venue: Domani Church in downtown Venlo. Early bird tickets are now available on <link http: www.typo3campvenlo.nl en sign-up>our website! Visit <link http: www.typo3campvenlo.nl en schedule-2017>our website for the available presentations of our speakers. Video’s will be available the coming days on our <link https: www.youtube.com channel uc20b6oxfuir0j0vzxv62kua>YouTube channel. Photocredits: Patrick Klein Meuleman and Anders Kostending More pictures of this barcamp: Authors: Sem Binner, Yassin Ait Ougard, Jason Tavernier, Jurian Janssen, Esther Klein and Edward Lenssen