Backend Cleanup Project

Categories: Development Created by Joey Hasenau
A project has been started on Forge with the goal to achieve real browser compatibility of the TYPO3 back-end as it is delivered out of the box by the TYPO3 core.
The team will take care of valid HTML, CSS and JS code with less browser hacks especially for browsers other than FF. In that sense it is not about developing an extension, but about supporting the core team. Our team will not deal with any design issues nor will it work on usability improvements, since it's only task will be to assure a technically valid and working back-end for a maximum of available browser/OS combinations.

The project needs people with dedication and a pragmatic approach. So we don’t want people that just copy some CSS hacks from the usual suspects and believe they will work without ever testing them, but real experts who know how to handle the different browser issues professionally and how to test stuff using virtual machines or the like. It won’t hurt if you are used to work with Microsoft OSs as well. It is a chance especially for people who aren’t PHP coders but CSS or JS specialists to contribute directly to the TYPO3 core.

Please check out <link http: projects show backend-cleanup> and become a member if you want to contribute. We would like to keep the team as small as possible and will look closely at your application so don’t be disappointed if you won’t make it into the team. We will expect the members to dedicate time to the project on a regular basis though. And there is a chance that the project will get some sponsoring. If that is the case we will set up some days like T3UXW09 to work together on the existing issues.