2nd CEBAB of 2014 in Karlsruhe

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The board and the EAB of the TYPO3 Association meet regularly (Cebab: Combined EAB and Board Meeting) to discuss and to work on the different topics that are on their agenda.
Both bodies use this occasion to inform each other of the status of their actions. This year’s second CEBAB meeting was held in Karlsruhe and it had the following highlights and focus:
  • Report of the cashier on the reorganisation of the back office and of the related matters, such as the reimbursement of costs
  • Report of the president regarding the OASIS membership of the TYPO3 Association. Members of the TYPO3 Association can join the different workgroups of the OASIS technical consortium. If you are interested to join, please contact our Executive Secretary Naike Beggiato for a first initial contact
  • The TYPO3 Association has joined the CMS Garden (<link http: www.cms-garden.org>www.cms-garden.org) earlier this year as a member and looks forward to work together with everyone that is involved and interested to represent the TYPO3 projects. Please contact our community manager <link http: typo3.org community community-manager-corner>Ben as a first point of contact if you want to join one of the upcoming events
  • Status of the introduction of our new Executive Secretary Naike Beggiato.
As one of the major points of the first day we would like to report about a visit from a delegation of Swiss TYPO3 agencies. These agencies meet up since more than two years to discuss issues and ideas around their preferred CMS tool. In this meet up they prepared a collection of ideas and improvements for the TYPO3 Association and for the product, which they presented in person. We would like to thank Dani Kalt as presenter and leader of the Swiss delegation for the open and precise compilation of those ideas and improvements and all other present members who made their way to Karlsruhe. The TYPO3 Association will respond and react to the presented feedback in the upcoming weeks. The visit of the Swiss delegation ended with a social dinner at a restaurant with pizza and beer. The second day of the CEBAB meeting continued with additional reports and work on the following topics:  
  • Short report on the TYPO3 Association Members Survey 2014. A longer presentation on the results will follow soon, once the survey has been analysed.
  • Status and outlook of the community management activities
  • Martin Wiederkehr reported from his visit at the ACME in Nuremberg. He enjoyed meeting the CMS Team and the insights he gained from his stay.
  • The TYPO3 Association seeks to streamline its toolset for the work and researches different solutions. A workgroup will gather the requirements and propose a solution by the end of next quarter
  • Organisational committee: We are working on a clear definition on responsibilities of the <link https: association.typo3.org board ref assoc>Board, the <link https: association.typo3.org expert-advisory-board ref assoc>EAB, the Executive Secretary and the community manager. It is our goal, that it is easier for everyone to find the right contact person. The result will be a matrix with topics and contact persons.
Many thanks to Frederic Gaus and <link http: www.flagbit.de>Flagbit for hosting the CEBAB and for providing excellent catering and meeting environment.