This Month in TYPO3 - November 2018 - Issue #8

The year 2018 is slowly coming to its end, but the TYPO3 project and community are still vibrant and full of power. Here is a summary of what happened in November!

Created by Peter Kraume

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Table of Contents

  • Events
    • TYPO3 Conference 2018 - It’s a Wrap!
    • Videos of the TYPO3 Conference 2018
    • Recap of TYPO3 Camp Rhein Ruhr 2018
    • Report from TYPO3 Core Sprint Berlin
    • Sponsored Newbie Ticket for the TYPO3 Snowboard Tour 2019
  • Upcoming Events in the Next Two Months
    • TYPO3 Marketing Sprint 2018, 5th to 7th December 
    • TYPO3Camp Mitteldeutschland, 24th to 26th January
  • TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company
    • TYPO3 Association Membership Upgrade Campaign
    • This is the End - for TYPO3 v7 LTS
    • TYPO3 Conference 2018 - Award Winners
    • TYPO3 Google Ads Integration Beta Program
  • TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community
    • #t3kudos – Say Thank You to TYPO3 Contributors
    • Start Improving Docs Now to Grow TYPO3
    • Becomes “my TYPO3”
    • The Tale of the Kingdom of Toolmakers
    • In-house TYPO3 Certification Exams
    • Join the Open TYPO3 Starter Kit Project for Agencies
    • Frontend Editing Manual
  • Development
    • First Steps to Building a TYPO3 Extension
    • Testing in TYPO3
    • How to Use Mbox with TYPO3 CMS
    • Fluid ViewHelper Documentation
    • How to Use the PageTitle API of TYPO3 CMS
    • Feature Spotlight: XML Sitemap with TYPO3 v9
    • PhpStorm – 13 Productivity Tips for TYPO3
  • Extensions
    • blog 9.0.0
    • tt_address 4.0.0
    • deployable_records beta
    • typoscript_rendering 2.2.0


The 13th Annual TYPO3 Conference 2018 is a wrap! The weather was bright and crisp in Berlin, and the funky Hotel nhow Berlin was a great venue. This event, for the business side of the professional open source community around TYPO3 CMS, offers insights into running an agency and harnessing technology for business opportunities. There was a good balance of talks both on the application of technical topics and agency craft. Read more

If you weren’t able to attend in person, subscribe to TYPO3’s YouTube channel to see all the talks from TYPO3 Conference 2018. You can also find videos of many community events and conference sessions and a regularly updated stream of technical how-to videos about TYPO3 and related topics. View more

Daniel Siepmann wrote a personal recap of this year’s TYPO3camp Rhein Ruhr which took place in Essen, Germany from November 2nd-4th. Read more

In a Berlin backyard, near the former Wall, in the last corner of the former West, something as intangible as the TYPO3-Core suddenly became alive: In the form of about 15 people gathering for a sprint. Their common goal: to make a good project even better - take the TYPO3 core one small step further. Read more

Thanks to the generous support of Mittwald there is one free ticket for the TYPO3 Snowboard Tour 2019 (T3BOARD19) for someone new to TYPO3 and its great community. If you meet certain criteria, you can apply to be part of a raffle until 15th of December. Read more

Upcoming Events in the Next Two Months

TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company

Members of the TYPO3 Association support the development of TYPO3 CMS and take part in shaping the future of your favourite CMS. Upgrading your membership has never been easier. Until the end of December, there are a couple of extra bonuses for you. Read more

More than three years after the release of TYPO3 v7 LTS, this version has reached end-of-life, but the TYPO3 core team has some special treats in for you before they’re shutting down this version. Additionally, TYPO3 v8 is now in priority bugfix mode, and TYPO3 v9 receives regular maintenance releases. Read more

Thank you to everyone who attended the TYPO3 Conference 2018 Awards Ceremony. With 46 nominations across 15 categories, we saw the best of the best in forward-thinking design and content management from the professional TYPO3 CMS Community. Read more

The digital and online marketing toolkit is evolving. TYPO3 CMS now has an official Google Ads integration that can make the complex task of creating, placing, and managing ad campaigns easier for editors. This newly announced beta-version integration is a great example of how TYPO3 is focused on constantly improving how it serves the needs of agencies and their clients on the web. Read more

TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community

Some weeks ago, Thomas Löffler sent a tweet with the hashtag #t3kudos to encourage the TYPO3 community to say thank you to contributors to the TYPO3 project. This tweet got quite some response. Marcus Schwemer conducted an interview with Thomas about his motivation and how you can also contribute. Read more

Everyone using TYPO3 benefits from the documentation, and everyone has skills they can use to improve it. It’s probably easier than you think. Docs contributors help fix typos, add code samples, and update screenshots in the documentation. Here’s why and how you can start contributing to improving TYPO3 documentation right now in a few quick steps. Read more

You probably already know as the site to register your user account. But an exciting change is coming – will become an important space for our community and evolve to “my TYPO3”. Read more

During the TYPO3 Conference, Jo and Petra Hasenau told about the tale of the kingdom of toolmakers. It’s about the famous toolmakers, the spirit of Open Source, what they have in common with our TYPO3 extension SLAs and why this will increase the efficiency and reliability of your projects. Read more

Did you know that you can have in-house TYPO3 certification exams within your company? The next possibility to take your exam is for example on December 7th in Vienna, supported and organized by Plan2Net. Read more

By sharing their knowledge and learning from others, Pixelant improves their TYPO3 business and level the playing field: T3kit empowers agencies around the world to switch to TYPO3 and start building complex websites with minimal effort. Read more

The frontend editing allows you to edit your website directly on the page. You are able to edit most content; add and move both pages and content, edit page settings, delete pages and content etc. There is now a revamped documentation available! Read more


With his first TYPO3 extension QueryBuilder reaching 300 downloads, Henrik Elsner wanted to share some of the knowledge he gained from the development and maintenance of it. He explains how to set the stage for creating a TYPO3 extension and provide some links to further resources in the TYPO3 documentation. Read more

The TYPO3 core team is taking testing seriously: When the core team releases a new TYPO3 version, they want to make sure it does not come with evil regressions. With the continued improvements in this area, an own testing framework has been established over the years that is not only used by the TYPO3 core but can be used by extension developers or entire TYPO3 projects as well. Read more

From time to time you need to test some email within your TYPO3 installation. Whether it might be that you are a developer sending some mail via a CommandController or Plugin, or you are an integrator configuring EXT:powermail or EXT:form to deliver some mail. In all cases, you need to make sure this mail is not sent to external addresses like your customer during development and testing. Also, you need to be able to check the content of the mail. In his blog post Daniel Siepmann explains what mbox is and how to use it. Read more

A complete auto-generated ViewHelper Reference is now available! Right now, this is auto-generated from TYPO3 CMS 9.5.1 source code, but manually rendered and published by Anja Leichsenring, Claus Due and Daniel Siepmann. The plans are to automate this process and to improve the source code documentation to provide a useful reference in the near future. Read more

With the release of TYPO3 CMS v9LTS, a new API has been introduced by the TYPO3 SEO Initiative. The content of the title tag that is rendered in frontend, is now managed by the PageTitle API. In his blog post Richard Haeser will tell you how to use the PageTitle API of TYPO3 and how to extend it if the already built-in solutions won’t suit your needs. Read more

The new system extension EXT:seo provides a flexible XML sitemap for your TYPO3 installation. No more 3rd party extensions needed. In his post Daniel Goerz shows how the sitemap works. Read more

PhpStorm is probably one of the most used IDEs in the TYPO3 world, if not also in the PHP universe. In his post Marcus Schwemer shows some hints, on how to work more productively and get more out of it. Read more


The TYPO3 Blog Extension EXT:blog is now available for TYPO3 v9. An update for LTS version 8 (8.7.2) is available for download too. Hooks have been updated, the code has been cleaned up, several bugs have been fixed and best of all, a couple of neat new features have been added. Read more

Georg Ringer is heavily working on version 4.0.0 of EXT:tt_address which will have a changed and improved code base in every area. To keep the quality high, the whole code base is now covered with unit and functional tests which are executed with every commit and pull request. The release is planned for the first week of December. Read more

The extension EXT: deployable_records will allow you to mark important records in your TYPO3 database as "deployable record". Each deployable record gets a unique identifier and is stored in a local file (called "dump"). This extension is currently in the making and a first beta release is planned for January 2019. Read more

EXT: typoscript_rendering provides a possibility to render arbitrary TypoScript paths in a given record context. This is especially useful for rendering a plugin via an AjaxRequest. Version 2.2.0 now brings TYPO3 v9 compatibility. Read more