TYPO3’s Open Source Licenses

The TYPO3 project, represented by the TYPO3 Association, uses different licenses for

  • the distribution of software and documentation, and

  • contributions from individuals and corporations.

We chose to use those licenses because they share the values of the TYPO3 project:
Inspiring People to Share and To Jointly Innovate Excellent Free Software Enabling People to Communicate.

Distribution Licenses

Our software distributions are:

TYPO3 Extensions

TYPO3 and installed extensions form a single combined program.

Among other things, this means:

  • Your extensions fall under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later, because our software is released under that license.
  • You are allowed to sell the extension, as long as you do not change the license terms.
  • Your customer is allowed to do anything with the extension, as long as it does not violate the terms of the license, including uploading it to the public TYPO3 Extension Repository.
  • You are not forced to share your extension, but it should inspire you to do so. Legally you cannot prevent anyone who gets hold of your extension code from using it and further develop it.

For more information, please see the GPL FAQ at gnu.org, specifically these two entries:


Old manuals that are maintained by the TYPO3 Documentation Team are usually and until further notice published under the Open Publication License.

New manuals should be licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0.


If you have any questions about TYPO3 software licensing or contributions to the TYPO3 project, please get in touch with us.

Join Us and Help

Under a budget from the TYPO3 Association, the licensing team investigates the licenses we use. This project aims to clarify the current state and the advantages and disadvantages of the licenses used by the different TYPO3 projects and contexts.

Please feel free to join the project.