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TYPO3 Video Tutorials for Editors

The collection of TYPO3 video tutorials for editors has been extended by two compact videos about TYPO3 8 LTS: one introduction video and one about further features. Besides that, two compact videos about TYPO3 7 LTS are still provided here.

TYPO3 Videos on Youtube

There are a lot of helpfull videos about different aspects of TYPO3 on Youtube.

TYPO3 on youtube

The introduction videos show basics of editing in the backend and how to create and edit pages and contents, like inserting texts, links and images, in different long term support versions of TYPO3. The videos about further features present different things of interest for editors. All tutorial videos show you how quickly and easily you can work with all TYPO3 long term support versions. Where the cms offers different ways to do things, in most cases the videos will show only one of these - the one we consider the most efficient or easiest to learn.

The tutorial videos are supplemented by TYPO3 test websites in different versions, where you can easily put into practice what you see in the videos or simply test TYPO3 and try other functions you would not want to test on your own website. For easy orientation, the page structure and contents of the test websites are set-up as similar as possible to that of the videos. The new TYPO3 8 can be tested on, current TYPO3 7 LTS on TYPO3 demo version. An updated overview of other TYPO3 versions available as test websites is given on TYPO3 websites.

Feedback and Help Welcome!

If you have comments or suggestions, please write to Silke Arend, leader of the screencast team, who produced the TYPO3 v4 video series and videos for newer TYPO3 versions. Would you like to have the videos for editors in your native language, too? Please get in contact with us, so we can discuss how to proceed.

Videos in TYPO3 8 LTS

Our introduction video is accompanied by a video about further new and interesting features for editors in version 8 of TYPO3, such as creating and editing forms or the mobile view of the backend.

The videos for the new TYPO3 version 8 LTS can be found on our TYPO3 8 playlist on YouTube or here in this embedded player:

Videos in TYPO3 7 LTS

The introduction video is supplemented by a video about further features presenting ten interesting things for editors, such as different backend views and search functions, mass processing, image cropping, help and information about files and the filelist.

The videos for the current TYPO3 version 7 LTS can be watched on our 7.6 playlist on YouTube or here in this embedded player: