BabesGotBytes TYPO3 Friday's Meetup: Introduction to TYPO3

Cape Town, South Africa

This Friday: Discover what TYPO3 is all about. Gain insights into its features, capabilities, and the unique advantages it offers as a robust content management system (CMS).

Upcoming Topics

  • Creating your first stand-alone extension: On this second meet-up, we’ll create an extension and its required directory structure, you will understand the basic concepts of the TCA and how custom records are output with the power of Extbase.
  • Configuring content management workflow: You’ll learn to create a user group for the editor role, and configure it to only be able to manage content and upload files in the restricted, password-protected area.
  • Creating a business around TYPO3: In this meet-up, the audience will learn about creating a business around TYPO3.

Why Attend

  • Knowledge Expansion: Expand your understanding of TYPO3 and its potential applications, equipping yourself with valuable insights to drive your projects forward.
  • Inspiration and Networking: Be inspired by our guest speaker’s journey and connect with like-minded professionals passionate about TYPO3 and web development.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with fellow participants, ask questions, and share experiences as we embark on this exciting learning journey together.

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