DiscoveryDay: TYPO3 & AI

Düsseldorf, Germany

In many places, there is currently a mixture of "uncertainty in dealing with the framework conditions" and "no time in everyday life to tackle the change in a structured way". So that every agency doesn't have to build its own solutions, we thought: Let's tackle this together.

Let's do a workshop together on what AI means for us in everyday agency life. Internally and externally.

  • What does AI change in my agency?
  • How can I familiarise my colleagues and staff with the new systems?
  • What use cases already exist at the client and where do we see upselling potential?
  • What solutions already exist in the TYPO3 universe and what can we develop together?

We look forward to an afternoon together at the TYPO3 headquarters in Düsseldorf. 

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